Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
  • #ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► to the Podcast ►► us:Twitter ►► ►► ►► ►►


  • A Prisilia
    A Prisilia 6 months ago+3956

    Watching this, make me wants to have friends

  • IAmJustJack
    IAmJustJack 5 months ago+3852

    Omg Ari's voice is ASMR material fr

  • priscila :p
    priscila :p 4 months ago+4073

    zach : what was ghostin about
    ariana : no

  • Briana Hernandez
    Briana Hernandez 3 months ago+1348

    so we not gonna talk about how ari and victoria sound exactly.... the same ??

  • Gabby Gershom Bassey
    Gabby Gershom Bassey 4 months ago +1968

    Imagine being Ari :
    You feel the guilt of people that died in YOUR concert.
    You feel the guilt of your Ex boyfriends death.
    You have billions of people that are your fans but only 10 that you trust.
    You feel that you have to meet up to people’s standards of expectations .
    You have most of your truth broadcasted to the whole world so everyone can judge you .

  • cerysannepowell
    cerysannepowell 6 months ago+2119

    Zach is so good at understanding boundaries and when people are uncomfortable, then quickly moving on. Much respect

  • Caoimhe Keane
    Caoimhe Keane 5 months ago+1533

    1:13:07 the universe has a plan, sometimes it’s a really fucking gnarly plan, but nonetheless it still has a plan ✨☁️

  • Diana Karakasidi
    Diana Karakasidi 5 months ago+1167

    Now I can see how Ariana and Pete got along. They are soo similar. Both awkward, have anxiety, depression and a dark sense of humor and curse alot haha

  • Im Not Afraid Of You, Bitch
    Im Not Afraid Of You, Bitch 4 months ago+656

    That monopoly conversation, now it makes sense.

  • Do Things You Are Bad At
    Do Things You Are Bad At 5 months ago+922

    Ariana: I'm not funny...
    People 𝘓𝘈𝘜𝘎𝘏𝘚

  • 7ringsvfx
    7ringsvfx 2 months ago+448

    The part you’re here for is 17:32
    thank me later

  • 1994
    1994 28 days ago+92

    Ok but the real question is:
    Does Ariana Grande talk like Monet or does Monet talk like Ariana?

  • Brie Rosio
    Brie Rosio  4 months ago+575

    ghostin is my absolute favorite song. so beautiful, raw, and REAL. we need more of that.

  • Me Myself, and I
    Me Myself, and I 4 months ago+819

    "Man f*ck that album, and her, and her ponytail" I love her sm 😂

  • maia venus
    maia venus 6 months ago+3050

    i want victoria to read me a bedtime story lmaoo her speaking voice is so nice and soft

  • Lisette Serrano
    Lisette Serrano 14 days ago+317

    who’s here after the boyfriend video ? 😍 EDIT: THANKS FOR THE LIKES WTF YALL R LIT (shamelessly self promotes yt channel🥴)

  • Mckenzie M
    Mckenzie M 4 months ago+278

    i just wanna be her friend, not because she’s famous, but she seems so chill & i feel like we could be such good friends

    MOONSHINING 5 months ago+619

    She seems happy talking about Sean, I think their friendship is something important still.

  • SereenaOC
    SereenaOC 3 months ago+545

    When she was talking about “Monopoly”! Foreshadowwiiingg!
    Outta here with that fuckerryyyy

  • Danika Padin
    Danika Padin 6 months ago+3745

    This guy does the best interviews...