10 PREHISTORIC Creatures Found Preserved In Ice!

  • Published on:  3/7/2020
  • From an ancient horse stuck in a mine, to one of our first best friends that scientists are trying to bring back to life, here are 10 animals found frozen in ice.

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    10. The Selerikan Pony
    In 1968, gold miners who were searching along the Indigirka River in the Russian republic of Yakutia found something entirely unexpected. They were digging a tunnel beneath the frozen ground in search of valuable mineral deposits when they noticed something sticking through the ceiling. At a depth of around 30 feet, they realized that it looked like legs and a tail, so they called the authorities

    9. Fighting Moose
    In 2016, a teacher from Unalakleet in Alaska was walking with a friend near the camp where they worked, when they suddenly saw something strange sticking up from the ice. They went to investigate further and found that what they had seen were the antlers of a moose. Initially thinking it had been shot by a hunter, it soon became apparent that something else had happened because they found a second moose.

    8. Yukagir Bison
    The Yukagir bison was found in the Yakutia Republic in Russia in 2011, and it's thought to be one of the best mummified steppe bison to have ever been discovered. The species once lived across Europe, Asia, and North America from around 2 million to 10 thousand years ago, but are thought to have finally died out during the end of the last ice age due to changing habitats and because of human hunting.

    7. The Tumat Puppy
    In 2015, the Tumat Puppy was discovered on the bank of the River Syalakh in the Sakha Republic of Russia, and its remarkable state of preservation sent waves through the scientific community. Thought to be around 12,400 years old, it was found close to the site of another set of canine remains 4 years earlier, and researchers believe they probably came from the same litter.

    6. Frozen Fox
    When the landscape and rivers are covered in snow and ice, not every animal manages to stay out of trouble. Just ask the moose! In 2017, a fox in Germany made a fatal mistake and managed to get itself frozen in the waters of the river Danube.

    5. Kolyma Woolly Rhinoceros
    Also known as the Siberian Unicorn, Woolly Rhinoceroses were once present across Eurasia in large numbers, and their remains have been found as far as the UK in the West, and the Chukotka Peninsula in the East. Perhaps this is one of the animals that inspired the myths and legends of unicorns present in many societies.

    4. Siberian Cave Lions
    Cave lions went extinct around 10 thousand years ago, but a series of recent discoveries in the Siberian permafrost have allowed researchers to learn far more about them than has been possible before and has even led some to believe the species could be brought back from extinction one day.

    3. Lena The Foal
    Lena the baby horse was found frozen in the Siberian permafrost in the Batagaika crater, and remarkably when researchers began to thaw her out, they found that her body still contained blood. At around 42 thousand years old, this is the oldest blood ever collected by more than 10 thousand years and provided invaluable information about how these animals lived.

    2. Fish
    It’s not too unusual to see a frozen fish, especially if you’re at a fish market, but have you ever seen a fish frozen in the sea? In January of 2014, a series of unbelievable images were captured in a bay of the Norwegian island of Lovund, after a cold front had caused temperatures to suddenly plummet.

    1. The Yuka Mammoth
    Woolly mammoths are the animals we most associate with the ice age, I mean, of course, right? And even though they died out when temperatures began to thaw, recent discoveries have led some to believe they may one day be brought back to life.