The 300-Year-Old Exploding Hammer Tradition

  • Published on:  4/30/2019
  • In San Juan de la Vega, Mexico, there is an annual festival celebrating San Juanito, a Robin Hood figure. Like any other festival, there are prayers, parades, and an abundance of food, but this celebration is accompanied by a unique activity: detonating homemade explosives with hammers.Watch more of the best stories from VICE International: Click here to subscribe to VICE: VICE:The Definitive Guide To Enlightening Information. From every corner of the planet, our immersive, caustic, ground-breaking and often bizarre stories have changed the way people think about culture, crime, art, parties, fashion, protest, the internet and other subjects that don't even have names yet. Browse the growing library and discover corners of the world you never knew existed. Welcome to VICE.Connect with VICE:Check out our full video catalog:, daily editorial and more: http://vice.comMore videos from the VICE network: here to get the best of VICE daily: VICE on Facebook: VICE on Twitter: us on Instagram: VICE YouTube Network:VICE: VICE News: VICE Sports: Waypoint:


  • Konkola 1 months ago

    Drunk people and exploding hammers. Name a better duo.

  • Lo Bo 19 days ago

    The bar down here in south Florida that also has axe throwing

  • Tony 1 months ago

    Tequila and a shot glass bro. These creations had a muse.

  • Finally, a video that doesn't involve hookers telling us how they like to be treated...

  • Pulsar 1 months ago

    @Day Dream women dont want equal rights, just a real man to shut them up and destroy their holes

  • Day Dream 1 months ago

    When you want equal rights but wont stop ducking sick for a 100 a half hour.

  • Pierre Pagé 1 months ago

    i love to hear spanish and no voice over but subtitle

  • supremancy 1 months ago

    Looks they they listened to you. My vid is in Spanish with subtitles

  • David 1 months ago

    Good. Upload more of this. Not "How to treat your bottle servers at clubs."

  • Raymo_2_u 1 months ago

    Less SJW/Feminism nonsense and more fun experiences please.

  • Sublime_ 392 1 months ago

    @Yakui I havent even watched that video yet bro, but fuck those bitches they dont know what real work is at minimum 11 to 13 dollars an hour little freaks

  • Konkola 1 months ago

    I'm happy Vice is going back to its roots with actual interesting video essays instead of gender-baiting clickbaits like Buzzfeed.

  • Que Tip 1 months ago

    @SixPack Shakur (Rep5281) Speaking from experience?

  • @Mark K Is that libtard speak?

  • Aptekel 1 months ago

    All the smoke in the explosion reminds me of a type of smokebomb a thief would use to confuse someone and escape.

  • S A 1 months ago

    Like a corny one 😂 like *poof* then smoke rises for 2 seconds and you just see em in the corner😂😂 lol

  • KingCo Anderson 1 months ago

    Ninja move

  • Nerd Stark 1 months ago

    So thats where boom hammer from bloodborne comes from :O

  • Integrafreak1  1 months ago

    Amazing a heart from VICE

  • BoxNub 1 months ago

    I failed miserably in that game

  • tithund 1 months ago

    I thought the slow-motion stuff at the end of the video was really beautifully shot, hats off to whoever filmed this.

  • aikam007 1 months ago

    Vice Mexico never disappoints.

  • evs251 1 months ago

    This is the vice I know. Awesome edits with an eerie feel to it