Marble Effect Painting Technique

  • Published on:  11/18/2016
  • A demonstration of the grey marble painting technique created on part of a sample board displayed in the studio to provide students with ideas and inspiration for the type of decorative paint effects and colour combinations they can create. This video demonstrates the technique used by a professional decorator, if you are interested in learning the painting technique, tools and paint used please check out our online art courses:

    The marble paint effect is an ancient painting technique, yet even today provides an affordable alternative to buying real marble. Real marble countertops, flooring and other decor is very expensive and as a material is heavy and marks easily. Because the material is so heavy you have to consider whether the material is suitable for rooms above the ground floor. A practical alternative is hand-painted marble. Not only do you have complete control over the colour, intensity and finish of the marble design, it is significantly cheaper especially if you can learn how to do this technique yourself and if it gets marked or damaged you can easily touch-in and repair the paint work. Also, when you get bored you can easily repaint and redecorate. So it's much more versatile.

    It's no wonder this paint effect is so popular. If you want to learn how to paint the marble effect our courses are designed for beginners and more experienced painters alike