[Facebook Ads 2020] The Best Tagalog Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

  • Published on:  6/16/2019
  • This is a Tagalog tutorial on how to create/set-up Facebook Ads from A-Z, from beginning to end... even if you have zero experience on Facebook Ads...

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    On this Video, you will learn how to create Facebook Ads the right way...

    We will tackle how to create a Business Manager Account, Ads Manager, Page Creation, the Campaign, Adset and Ads Creative levels, Campaign Objectives and many more!

    The minicourse is best for beginners who is just starting out with Facebook Ads. It's also perfect for entrepreneurs who are still using the "Boost Button" when promoting their posts..

    At the end of this video, you will be able to launch your very own Facebook Ads... You will also learn how Facebook Ads work, the opportunity it presents and how it can help your business grow...


    About Me:
    Hi, I'm Colin P. Marcelino and I'm a certified Facebook Ads buying and planning professional. I'm also the owner and founder of https://colzzky.com. My platform already helped thousands of Filipinos online on their Online Marketing journey. This knowledge about Facebook Ads will greatly help business owners, entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, real estate agents and many more to promote their business online, with the power of this Billion Dollar technology called Facebook Advertising - the best advertising platform in the planet as of this time...

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