Trolling My Teacher (Kahoot) GOT SUSPENDED!!!!!

  • Published on:  11/3/2017
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  • Ur Trxsh
    Ur Trxsh 8 hours ago

    When your teacher asks who is eatThatPussy69

  • o. Tilapia
    o. Tilapia 8 hours ago

    I did this one time, but I used ‘Dixon cider’ and got suspended unfortunately

  • dragon knight v.2
    dragon knight v.2 9 hours ago

    Kahoots the shit my dude

  • Emerson F DA SILVA E ENZO

    who was playing roblox on the bottom?

  • Meme176 Memememe
    Meme176 Memememe 12 hours ago

    i wonder if he got grounded

  • Rapidshot
    Rapidshot 12 hours ago

    Sigh> I hate school but sadly I have to go it. And high school is the worst.

  • Ski&MTB
    Ski&MTB 12 hours ago

    I want to Kashoot myself

  • enzo 330
    enzo 330 14 hours ago

    the problem with vertical video the MAX QUALITY ITS ONLY 480p !!!! why ?!! I try and that true !

    CCWCOLE 14 hours ago

    I tried that and I got in big trouble

  • Dr Gorkin
    Dr Gorkin 17 hours ago

    Well, I hope you asked the guy next to you if you could film him cuz you're getting sued after being suspended

  • MarrySaintClaire Smith


  • Courts YT
    Courts YT 20 hours ago

    I love doing this 😂

  • Obito
    Obito 21 hours ago

    if you need names for Kahoot;
    "I wanna Kashoot myself."
    "School Kahooter."
    I found these on insta, and i laughed way to much. Don't ask me y

  • GDguy
    GDguy yesterday

    i put ligma as my kahoot...
    now owls hate me

  • whosVariations
    whosVariations yesterday

    Sounded like he was boutta get his ass beat at the end

  • LaYzz
    LaYzz yesterday

    Yall go subscribe to harsh divit

  • Spartos Entertainment

    I wanna kashoot myself

  • WW2_ Gaming
    WW2_ Gaming yesterday

    bet his teacher has no sense of humor...

  • Ismail Ishaque
    Ismail Ishaque yesterday+1

    0:18 *B E T*

  • my voice
    my voice yesterday

    How did you even do that