Champions League Recap: Juventus 1-2 Manchester United Highlights, Goals and Best Moments



  • syed sohaib
    syed sohaib 9 months ago+673

    it's hurting my brain trying to understand why Rashford wouldn't chip it over the keeper....

  • OGCescalade300
    OGCescalade300 9 months ago+794

    Bro the commentator sounds like he lost a bet, lol

  • Richcard. Rashu.
    Richcard. Rashu. 9 months ago+131

    Damn CR7 could have had at least 3 assists but...

  • Raúl
    Raúl 9 months ago+736

    first benzema would miss almost every chance ronaldo gave him and now cuadrado and khedira lol
    that Ronaldo goal tho was beautiful

  • Dabz
    Dabz 9 months ago+489

    My right ear got robbed 👂🏾🤔

  • LexUnwin
    LexUnwin 9 months ago+272

    Notice how it all changed when fellaini came on

  • Miguel Ortiz
    Miguel Ortiz 9 months ago+130

    Juve Had everything for a comfortable lead, this could have ended in a 4-2, just unlucky today.

  • Teh Grate Mestar
    Teh Grate Mestar 9 months ago+433

    Juan Mata is such an underrated player, always gets the job done when he's needed

  • BoiTheChickenBoi
    BoiTheChickenBoi 9 months ago+99

    I think the commentator has a hangover

  • James Dunnington
    James Dunnington 9 months ago+83

    Man U fans right now:
    A win is a win.

  • abselm A3
    abselm A3 9 months ago+180

    I wanna see cr7💪🏼 vs real madrid ✌️

  • ilyasTV
    ilyasTV 9 months ago+20

    Ronaldo should of had at least 2 or 3 assists 😂

  • ramennoodles 792
    ramennoodles 792 9 months ago+11

    We didnt really deserve that but thats on juventus for missing so many easy chances

  • Blah
    Blah 9 months ago+6

    Did John Terry steal Martin Tyler's wife or what lmao? Why does he sound so board and pissed??? 😂😂😂

  • Alvaro Egas
    Alvaro Egas 9 months ago+80

    Juventus missed too many opportunities.

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ 9 months ago

    Can't still believe we won. Jose deserves credit🤙✋🔴⚪⚫

  • Jeff Araujo
    Jeff Araujo 9 months ago+9

    What more can CR7 DO!¡!!!!! But there's gonna be haters out there saying CR7 ain't the same player and he ain't gonna win anymore blah blah blah what I seen was CR7 putting the ball on players feet and they Do nothing with the opportunities

  • Jadden
    Jadden 9 months ago+3

    Later that day Ronaldo is now signing with Manchester again and left Juventus for good...

  • Michelle L
    Michelle L 9 months ago+3

    I am a Barca fan. But that Ronaldo goal was good, that ball control, and that timing was on point!

  • imvixx
    imvixx 9 months ago

    Ever since fellani was subbed on, utd was playing better.
    Fellani effect best player in the world!