Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV



  • Christiane K.
    Christiane K. 23 minutes ago


  • Hart. Argent
    Hart. Argent 50 minutes ago

    Damn they really walked down those stairs and that distance just to reach the alter or whatever it’s called

  • ItsYaBoi 2
    ItsYaBoi 2 an hour ago

    Fuck T-Series

  • Elzie
    Elzie an hour ago

    for those people who think that their relationship went to fast. I do agree but then I remember that my grandparents dated for a month and got married the next month. They're married for over 64 years.

  • marie scott
    marie scott an hour ago

    Lovely couple

  • Jennifer Woodhead
    Jennifer Woodhead 2 hours ago

    Priyanka is so beautiful it's unreal

  • Mhay Vdear
    Mhay Vdear 3 hours ago

    I love the story😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • king anti umno
    king anti umno 3 hours ago

    will devorce after 2 years

    HUDSON BAY S&M. 4 hours ago

    Who cares
    Take all is money
    For dowry
    Bollywood shitty script
    Fame actress
    Movie over

  • Shahbaz Anwar
    Shahbaz Anwar 4 hours ago

    I so wanted to see Demi at her best friend Nick’s wedding, would have been a Camp Rock reunion with all the Jonas Brothers there😢

  • jaycee Pabillore
    jaycee Pabillore 7 hours ago

    I still have a chance to meet the right man for me ❤️

  • Rishab Kymar
    Rishab Kymar 7 hours ago

    Do you know who the girl is

  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel 8 hours ago

    0:16 bitch got a seizure or something?

  • Toriana Douglas
    Toriana Douglas 10 hours ago

    Their wedding was literally better than that other wedding that happened earlier this year that was supposed to be a big deal. Who was that again?

  • QueenEbony
    QueenEbony 10 hours ago

    They only started dating and they’re married? Oh jeez, I hope they last even two years when they honeymoon phase is over.

  • Alana
    Alana 10 hours ago

    Priyanka and Sophie @3:23 <3

  • Nataly Lopez
    Nataly Lopez 11 hours ago+1

    I relate to ther relationship just like mine 🙏🏼

  • Rae Classic
    Rae Classic 11 hours ago

    Ohkay so Beyonce and JayZ have an age gap of about 12 years, so do Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Hugh Jackman is literally 13 years younger than his wife. I don't see why they are an exception. They are beautiful together.
    Also, no one has the right to make a judgement about their decision. It is their life, their choice and they are probably better off without your personal opinion because you are not the one living their life rn. Imagine having 100 million people framing an opinion about you based on one simple choice you made in your life for yourself.

  • Angela Jolie
    Angela Jolie 12 hours ago

    Wedding of the century!

  • Zquad Bangtan
    Zquad Bangtan 13 hours ago+1

    The amount of haters in the comment section is so 😑😷😷
    Some of you guys need a life