• Published on:  12/7/2017
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  • Zane Hijazi
    Zane Hijazi  a years ago+14152

    PART 2 on Monday, the real girl will be a part of the vlog!! Stay tuned

  • Matthew Morrin
    Matthew Morrin a years ago+8318

    Sorry but why was Matt King not head of Operations for this Bust?!?!

  • Grace R.
    Grace R. 7 months ago+2426

    This video kills me every time. “Zane that’s a toddler”

  • avery mendez
    avery mendez 5 months ago+1018

    zane: “THATS A KID”
    heath: “THATS A TODDLER”
    i’m dying 😭

  • Kailyn Bronson
    Kailyn Bronson 7 months ago+2769

    when Mariah said “avarrias” i thought she said “a various” i was like what

  • Nicola Fredman
    Nicola Fredman 4 months ago+844

    I feel like I'm at a sleepover 😂😂

  • Zane Hijazi
    Zane Hijazi  a years ago+11501

    my beloved Avierra, I will find you one day

  • Jaee Ponde
    Jaee Ponde 5 months ago+816

    Mariah's confidence during the phone call is my life goal rn

  • Pissed Off Toddler
    Pissed Off Toddler 8 months ago+712

    9:05 “what are u doing taking pictures in your car you’re supposed to be at work you goofball!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jackie Cuccurullo
    Jackie Cuccurullo 7 months ago+290

    “Do you know where the catfish is?”
    “Is she over here 🤷🏽‍♀️? Or is she over here?”
    i died omg 😂

  • nancie 1
    nancie 1 8 months ago+766

    “ ask him to meet up after third period” Lmfaoo I’m dead

  • Roxana Rodriguez
    Roxana Rodriguez a years ago+3460

    "Ask him to meet up after 3rd period " BSVDGCJB HEATH HAS ME DEAD

  • Charlie Rae
    Charlie Rae 8 months ago+703

    wait zane is straight?

  • Adeline Presley
    Adeline Presley 4 months ago+207

    I’ve been staring at this thumbnail for over a year AND JUST CLICKED ON IT

  • Ashlee Luxe
    Ashlee Luxe 7 months ago+152

    The one kid in the background of the audio message.
    "I really like having ketchup"

  • chrome sky
    chrome sky 4 months ago+92

    I like how Zane didn’t notice that she said she had to work two jobs witch usually means they have financial issues but this girl is over here taking a picture with a Gucci bag🧐

  • Macey King
    Macey King a years ago+3333

    I FOUND IT OML @kikalateefff

  • Leia
    Leia 5 months ago+61

    I can’t believe how easily Mariah spoke to the lady on the phone lmao

  • Paris Daniels
    Paris Daniels 7 months ago+177

    They all could really be private investigators 😭!

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 5 months ago+111

    You got cat fished.....
    By a toddler 😂