Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

  • Published on:  1/11/2019
  • From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
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  • Tony (Jan 11, 2019)

    In Soviet Russia car drives you.

  • АРТЁМ8000 (Mar 15, 2019)

    Tony Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha SO FUNNY

  • Erik Örberg (Mar 12, 2019)

    Us* Its socialism ;)

  • VPE - V Plays Everything (Jan 23, 2019)

    In mother Russia, the car drives you.

  • АРТЁМ8000 (Mar 15, 2019)

    hahahahahahahahahahahahah SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!!!!!!

  • +Soriotian ещё один псевдопатриот нашёлся... А Россию с маленькой буквы пишет

  • Tom 1234 (Feb 28, 2019)

    Cop: Sir, please step out of the vehicle AI: I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.

  • Green M (Mar 13, 2019)

    You actually made me laugh

  • VideoHub (Jan 25, 2019)

    Self driving taxi there goes jobs1.9K taxi drivers has disliked this video

  • GREG GMW (20 hours ago)

    +Moving Target there is no human drivers when AI is there its there to stay all drivers will be banned from public streets.

  • hey hey monkey (5 days ago)

    Moving Target Just as some Uber drivers are soooo shit they get confused about how to drive through a green light...causing traffic ....these driverless cars are gonna progress like a fucking horde of learner drivers on the road

  • 8D music (Jan 24, 2019)

    *When you can't get a driving license.*

  • Flammington Studios (Mar 16, 2019)

    +InsaneBassNinja Eventually we'll get to a point where it won't be needed. Like I'm sure riding a horse might've been considered a necessary skill akin to driving a car, and now it's reserved for hobbyists. I think the same thing will happen with driving. Eventually it'll just be a skill that, you can learn, if you want to, but you won't need to.

  • Denys 277 (Mar 15, 2019)

    When you can't spell license correctly

  • Alphon (Jan 11, 2019)

    Imagine Police trying to pull over this car

  • Michael Olaworetan (Mar 13, 2019)

    +Dan Ross lol u stoopid

  • Zo F (Mar 13, 2019)

    +jagester chrisp the person most likely to break the law in this scenario would be the Cop. Prolby some hate crime or pure ignorance.

  • Ебаните лайк сюда чтоб американцы думали типа я что-то умное сказал.

  • C J (Mar 11, 2019)

    Bazara neeet

  • Qwerty Qwertovich (Mar 10, 2019)

    Translation: press like so americans think that I said something smart

  • jackt0wn_cam (Jan 22, 2019)

    Remember this prank "Ghost drive's car"Me 8 years later "no no it's normal "

  • Nameless (Feb 27, 2019)

    That's from future

  • Christiano Debarry (Jan 27, 2019)

    Dude, I thought the same! haha

  • Capitan Capitanov (Jan 19, 2019)

    *1.6K taxi drivers have disliked the video*

  • Steve Carras (4 days ago)

    And scores and scores of passengers like me,too! Call me chicken (cluck cluck).

  • No Name (5 days ago)

    fucking hilarious, sad but hilarious

  • Jeffrey Magbag (Jan 27, 2019)

    Uber killed taxis. And now new tech is gonna kill Uber

  • Also Yandex bought the russian part of the Uber

  • MrMisterMan (5 days ago)

    Lol clown uber will just use it they already have self driving cars