Kevin Durant RUNS AWAY FROM FIGHT with DeMarcus Cousins After Both Got Ejected!!!

  • Published on:  12/8/2017
  • Kevin Durant RUNS AWAY FROM FIGHT with DeMarcus Cousins After Both Got Ejected!!!

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  • Granpa Brown
    Granpa Brown 14 days ago

    Are you talking is bullshit in this video Kevin Durant didn’t run from nobody Kevin Durant knows he has the NBA career to worry about a family to worry about so why focus your attention on getting into some stupid ass two-year-old fight maybe you should awaited for DeMarcus Cousins you don’t have nothing to worry about all you do is put up these fake ass videos about fake shit...

  • StallzTheGreat
    StallzTheGreat 22 days ago

    Now they on the same team

  • H O O P K I N G
    H O O P K I N G 28 days ago

    They are now teammates.😂

  • triangle guy
    triangle guy 1 months ago

    2019 season so far
    L.A:Lance stephenson and lebron
    Golden state: boogie and snake
    Who wants to watch nfl now

  • Laceless Shoes
    Laceless Shoes 1 months ago

    Cus kevin durant cant fight wit his skinny arma

  • Nathan Darren Galvez
    Nathan Darren Galvez 1 months ago

    Now teamates

  • ABES718
    ABES718 1 months ago

    We all got that pussy friend talk shit when her in the group but run when shit hits the ceeling...pure cupcake

  • David Fowler
    David Fowler 1 months ago

    Shit You don't wanna get into a fight with Ben Wallace he fucking strong as hell he almost pushed Ron Artest to the ground.

  • kyrie irving
    kyrie irving 1 months ago

    now they teammates snakes 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

    JAY-STARKWEATHER 1 months ago

    😂😂😂lmao, kd could've came out and said ayo u lookin 4 me.

  • Storror Blog
    Storror Blog 1 months ago

    And they became teammates happily after ever

  • Kenbreezy101
    Kenbreezy101 1 months ago

    Cat be lying 🤥

  • Josh Galindo
    Josh Galindo 1 months ago+1


  • juice323 blue
    juice323 blue 1 months ago

    If you're build like Mike Tyson

  • juice323 blue
    juice323 blue 1 months ago

    Now they both on the same team

  • Gamer Batman
    Gamer Batman 1 months ago

    pin if you love your fans

  • Fish 123
    Fish 123 1 months ago

    I'm skinny and i would run away when someone wants to fight me

  • oof gaming
    oof gaming 1 months ago

    Boogie was wearing KD's too lol

  • Andromedan Walk In
    Andromedan Walk In 1 months ago

    They team mates now, but the 🐍 in the locker room

  • Dre Tucker
    Dre Tucker 2 months ago

    DeMarcus Cousins would have knocked the hell out of Kevin Durant.