The Big Bang Theory Improvised Scenes And Hilarious Bloopers

  • Published on:  4/19/2021
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    The Big Bang Theory was running for so long, that it became a huge staple in our culture and a regular on our TV’s. It’s hard to believe we’re not seeing new episodes of the gang’s adventures every week. However with rumors of a possible reboot, our fingers are crossed. Until then, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing on all the hilarious improvised moments and memorable bloopers.
    There were only a few improv moments on the show since the script was so tight, but most of the laughs from the characters? Those typically weren’t in the script at all. All of Kaley Cuoco’s tears? Yeah - that’s just her. The actress was so invested in the show that her emotions sometimes got the best of her!
    Stuart the comic book shop owner was one of the best characters by far - but you’d be surprised to know that the Stuart we know and love almost didn’t exist at all! That’s right - it was a whispered “I love you” that changed his trajectory for good and made him a mainstay for the show.
    Let’s also look at the fact that they actually had a live-studio audience present for their tapings. The pressure of performing with so many eyes on them alone was enough pressure to cause some line flubs. Then there was that one time that an audience member made a comment aloud for the audience and actors to hear.
    From the hilarious bloopers to the clever improvised moments - The Big Bang Theory was a major show and we’re hoping we get to see more soon with a reboot!

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    Written by: Thalia GK
    Narrated by: Serena L
    Edited by: Paulo Olivera

    00:00 Intro
    00:33 Spock
    01:13 Stuart
    02:02 Wild Sheldon
    02:43 The Laughs
    03:14 Cuoco’s Crying
    03:39 The Dinner
    04:04 Whose Line?
    04:29 Pasta Distraction
    05:06 Mint-Condition Comic Book
    05:31 Baby On Board
    05:53 Audience Gone Wild
    06:35 Snoring & Sighing
    07:04 Amy Forgets
    07:23 Science Fumbles
    07:45 Tripping Up
    08:11 Outro

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