• Published on:  9/16/2018
  • inspired by cyranek - it's time to dance shobers ;)Sources:https://youtu.be/9Q7mHG9t0Jshttps://youtu.be/pkFDLmeBZjchttps://youtu.be/TltXDGAIUjwgiphy.comPatrons:Wise Woofers:🏆 Chase Cutler🥈 Wheel💝 Tyro Lavine💝 Generic Scottish Channel💝 Nick Moran💝 Matty Harrison 💝 joshua xdDoggos:🐕 Yoshi Doshi🐕 datruemlgmaster🐕 Mr. Megaman🐕 L² Studio🐕 Vegan Nomad Chick🐕 Hanna Liauchonak🐕 Nate🐕 lolyoshiPups:🍼 MinipongTV🍼 Josh Genet🍼 Samuel John Gottschall🍼 HybridGear🍼 Yuri Ibraev🍼 Kay Renee🍼 Maciej Kowalski🍼 Julianna Rose Provenzano🍼 Luca Guarnaschelli🏆= highest donor🥈= second highest donor


  • Teri LPS
    Teri LPS 2 months ago+6130

    Me: studies all night for test
    My brain during the test:

  • Frozen Wafflez
    Frozen Wafflez 2 months ago+690

    I sent this to both of my parents
    I’m now their favorite child.
    {EDIT} this is a joke, I’ll never be their favorite child lol

  • Polli Gacha
    Polli Gacha yesterday+22

    Мне срочно нужна 10-чесовая версия😐

  • HaveANiceDay Not a lie
    HaveANiceDay Not a lie 2 months ago+131

    Teacher: we is learning geometry
    My brain:
    Teacher: leaves room

  • Diana Salceda
    Diana Salceda 1 months ago+20

    This literally mad my day🤣😂🤣😂
    Like if it made your day too

  • Tilly Reed
    Tilly Reed 3 months ago+4005

    He protecc
    He atacc
    But most importantly,
    He wiggle that bacc
    Edit: WTF??? 1k likes? Thx so much! ❤

  • • GoldGirl278 •
    • GoldGirl278 • 5 days ago+15

    I send this to my crush
    We have a date on Sunday

  • Fluffy Editz
    Fluffy Editz 1 months ago+25

    My Sleep Paralysis Demon In The Corner At 3AM:

  • The Dragon Beast And Roblox Beast

    Teacher: If you were a dog what would you do?
    Me: Uhhh
    My Brain:
    My friends brain:

  • UwU_Annie Animations_UwU
    UwU_Annie Animations_UwU 2 months ago+66

    Manager:okay, so how many amazing Memes?
    Rapid liquid: yes.

  • TH3D3V1L
    TH3D3V1L 2 months ago+2874

    Friend: who is your favorite dancer
    Me: its complicated

  • The Dragon Beast And Roblox Beast

    Dance Teacher: So do you kids know how to dance
    Me: Yup

  • BlueHeart 902
    BlueHeart 902 2 months ago+15

    Me:I should go to sleep
    My brain:nope how about we go D A n c I n

  • •Jupiter Dot•
    •Jupiter Dot• 2 months ago+12

    Teacher:Who will go first?
    After choosing.
    Teacher:Alright, ** Please start.
    Me: walks up alright.
    My processing brain:

  • Snaker
    Snaker 7 days ago+4

    Somebody: what will you do in summer?

  • Gaming Velvet
    Gaming Velvet 4 months ago+1822

    Can’t find my dog
    Dancing on my lawn
    Can’t find my dog
    Dancing till the break on dawn
    Can’t find my dog -

  • Carmel's Fox
    Carmel's Fox 2 months ago+9

    R.I.P Gabe the dog we luv u so much :'(

  • Straate Hannah
    Straate Hannah 7 days ago+5

    1956: I bet we are going to have flying cars in the future!!!!!

    EvERγ THINGKK 18 hours ago

    tbh I don't know anything about this channel I just saw this on my home page and clicked on it by accident and now I feel more happy about life now that I saw dat thank you

  • Rachel Arts
    Rachel Arts 2 months ago+16

    My last brain cell on the 3rd question of Exams: 0:17