Warcraft Lore Facts - The Warsong Clan

  • Published on:  8/3/2015
  • Supposedly, they sing during war.

    The Warsong clan was one of the strongest and most violent of the orc clans of Draenor. Named for the infamous battle cries of its leader, Grom Hellscream, and the rhythmic songs they chant into battle, the clan was originally depicted as grunts who mastered the use of swords. Warlords of Draenor, however, portrays the clan as a mobile force notable for its wolfriders, and the Warsong warriors represent most of the cavalry of the Iron Horde.

    One of the most well known orc customs was the Mak'gora, a duel to the death. However, the Warsong clan has its own similar ritual, the Mak'Rogahn, the duel of will. Here, two contenders fight in a pit until one of them is unable to continue. However, if one of the fighters surrenders, he is immediately exiled from the clan. If neither surrenders, both participants are honored. Unlike the Mak'gora, it is not supposed to be a fight to the death, though accidents do happen.

    The father of Grommash and the first of the Hellscream name was the orc Golmash. He was one of the greatest warriors of the Warsong clan who died while battling a gronn, though he did manage to slay the giant first. Golmash was probably not the chieftain of the Warsong clan, as his son is rumored to have killed the previous ruler.

    In the primary timeline, when Gul'dan was assembling the orcs to form the Horde, he created the office of Warchief and ordered an election to take place. While the victory obviously went to Gul'dan's puppet, the chieftain Blackhand, the greatest opposition he faced in this election came from Grom Hellscream. Grom was also one of the first chieftains to heed Ner'zhul's warnings of the draenei, and went on to win numerous victories in the following war.

    The Warsong clan was one of those who stayed behind on Draenor while the rest of the Horde invaded Azeroth, as Gul'dan told Grom that he needed "someone he could trust" to police the clans on the homeworld; though, in actuality, he was more afraid of Hellscream's recklessness. During the events of Beyond the Dark Portal, however, the Warsong proved to be invaluable to Ner'zhul's efforts, as they were the first to cross the Portal and attack Nethergarde Keep. While the Alliance launched the expedition to Draenor, the Warsong harassed their supply lines and continued to fight for control of the Dark Portal. After Ner'zhul caused the destruction of Draenor and betrayed the Warsong, the clan retreated to Stonard, and then to Lordaeron, where they spent the next 15 years evading the Alliance.

    The half-orc Rexxar was one of the warriors who joined Grom during Beyond the Dark Portal. Eager to win glory for himself and his people, the Mok'nathal, Rexxar had also participated in the First and Second Wars, and then fought side by side with the Warsong chieftain on numerous occasions. He left the clan's forces, however, after the destruction of Draenor and after a warlock caused the death of his wolf pet, Haratha. His departure was one of the points which caused Grom to reconsider his warmongering ways.

    The Warsong clan constituted the main part of the Horde expedition to Northrend, lead by Garrosh Hellscream. Loyal to its chieftain, the clan also constituted a large part of Garrosh's True Horde. After the Warchief's fall, it is unknown what happened to the clan or who leads it, as it is unlikely that they joined the Iron Horde.

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