• Published on:  3/20/2020
  • They said I ain't a threat, but now I record and send the check
    N I stash half the cash n' spend the rest
    N I would a been broke like y'all if I didn't invest
    We both got ice n' cars but I ain't in debt
    A lot of vets need a give rhyming a rest
    Y'all sound like has-beens, n' I ain't impressed
    I'm dying to bet, you fellers know "I ain't the best"
    Prove I'm lying if I ain't correct
    They call me doc, I'll give your dog shots but, I ain't the vet
    N I got dough so, I ain't upset, ayo
    I do the drop on, Michael J's and the top gone
    At least I got the butter like microwave popcorn
    Stop drawing it's gon' be hard to move me
    Swizz tha Monster, he could star in a horror movie
    I usually, I click fast, and bang ya bitch ass
    N ain't nothing change, I got cane for the quick cash
    But change I whip pass, aim n' Blid-ast!
    The kid Cass got the game on smid-ash!
    Slang the stid-ash, I'm tryna' stack money high
    Gimme money 'till I die, gimme' 25
    Man I might not be alive when I'm 25
    Thats why I carry 2 nines, n' a 25
    And sell 20's, that'll get you dummy high
    Bagged in a one-25, on 25's
    Them 20's on the five, my coochie rate sky rocketed
    Look Ock I'm a pimp, that's why I popped ya chick
    Sis' got the it, know she tryna' cop me it
    Now she start giving up dough to go shoppin' with
    Popping ish might get you to deserve it
    But it happened, be happy she ain't get you murdered
    I'm a straight cannon, n' I'm getting the cake can
    N' I be out the state tanning, eating on baked salmon
    I'm straight scrambling, tryna' sell a gram of Ye
    But ya strip only get a grand a day
    N' there ten of y'all on it, pretending y'all doing it
    You don't get stacks boy, you a pack boy
    Be on the corner for a hundred hours
    Selling other niggas coke n' only gone get a hundred dollars
    You could probably get some money if you come an holla'
    Cause I got haze, n' I cop K's
    So my block made heavy money
    My weed fluffy, n' got red hair like Peggy Bundy
    I got 20's come cop from the house
    Cause the green you got garbage like Oscar the Grouch
    I got more change then you got in my couch
    Next cat that scream my name gon' get shot in the mouth

    I got the yay on the stroll in my whole notebook of raps
    Every bar raw when I write it's like cooking crack
    I gotta mean street team that be pushing packs
    I'm getting gravy like the 80's, I took it back
    I'm watching niggas on the block get shook and rat
    Seen niggas serve the wrong fiend, get booked for that
    I watch niggas try to floss n' get took for that
    So between the draw of jeans where I put the gat

    [Beat 2: Problem Child]
    Meek keep the piece, n' you know Mook 'll clap
    Last cat that slept on Cass, he took a nap
    You cats will go night night for the right price
    So I suggest you know respect if you like life
    Cause the white high how I made loochie
    Them big rocks got 'em like Chris Rock when he played Pookie
    The strip poppin', I ride for cash
    N' you softer then a toddler ass

    You could ask any cat that was on the strip with me
    If I flipped the key, n' I had Christmas tree
    Man, Cass sold more bags then Lipton Tea
    N' I had chicks trick for me, cause I'm a pimp
    My watch, I gotta squint at my wrist to see
    What time it is, n' my hip where the llama is
    I'll look at y'all cats cheques like, where the commas is
    Fishtanks in the headrest so the piranhas is
    Swimming past when Cass comes spinnin past
    You know I'm going slow, but my rims is spinning fast
    I'm in a class by my self, you niggas ass
    You did it in the past, but now you niggas trash
    N' my flow pathetic, yea I'm so poetic
    Even though I don't get my credit, but its copasetic
    Everything I spit is so sick like my throat infected
    I'm the illest nigga out, n' I ain't sold a record
    But you know I'm gunna blow cause I'm so connected
    Swizz going to produce, Jay gon' promote the record
    Who hard as me what, I did a song with R but
    I ain't on no RnB stuff
    I ain't no pretender, y'all remember the free stuff
    N' that'll happen to a nigga actin' like he tough
    I spit toxic waste so talk slick n'
    Get ya faced sliced up a like chocolate cake

    [Beat 3: Tipsy]
    Rest in peace to B.I.G, P.A.C., Aaliyah, Left E.Y.E
    New York, Game you don't stop, Big Pun, n' you won't stop
    I said, Rest in peace to B.I.G, P.A.C., Aaliyah, Left E.Y.E
    Freaky Tah, you already know Big L, the whole click yo
    My name Cassidy, I'm on the heezy man
    I get so slick and greezy man
    All my strips pop like a greasy pan
    Cut your dough short like, "Easy man."
    Believe me, you need to come see me man
    My coke make smokers have a seizure man
    A chick'll see my hand, and leave her man
    You need a keys to a Beamer, like I'm Beenie Man
    You see me man, I'm a handsome boy
    I make a brawl on my car lot dance it more
    I be glances at y'all with ya Goofy's on
    Box, Pink Pather's, Snoopy's on
    I just put up all my jury on
    All my diamonds, n' my ruby's on, shinin' off the light
    It look like I got a Coogi on
    The roof of the coupe is gone, and Snoop is on
    You dudes is simply dumbies