Our Lost Years

  • Published on:  1/26/2020
  • The veil is finally lifted on the never-before discussed gap of time between R&L quitting engineering but before becoming YouTubers that they refer to as "The Lost Years." Listen to R&L reveal their entire story on how they actually came to be the Internetainers they are now, in the first video of this mind-boggling 4-part series of Ear Biscuits.
    EB #224, Original Release Date: 01/20/2020

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    Time Stamps:
    (00:22) - The Lost Years
    (5:30) - The reason for not sharing this earlier
    (12:22) - The true story
    (17:47) - Growing up in the church
    (21:37) - The whole story behind the Wax Paper Dogz
    (29:44) - NC State and Campus Crusade
    (33:44) - Our roles in Campus Crusade
    (39:50) - Making videos
    (47:05) - MC'ing at the Christmas conferences
    (52:36) - Link's growing involvement and becoming Rhett & Link
    (57:38) - Meeting our wives
    (58:33) - An aknowledgement
    (1:02:31) - A teaser to part 2
    (1:06:13) - Rhett's rec

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