BEST NOODLES & BURGER Tour of New York City

  • Published on:  4/16/2019
  • Get started with 8 free meals – that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh. Go to and enter mikeychen80My friends were in town, and I took them to my favorite places in New York City. We went on a big food adventure for a few days! Locations:✧ Shu Jiao Fu Zhou✧ Wah Fung Fast Food✧ Yun Nan Flavour Garden✧ Xinfa Bakery✧ Lamb Noodle Soup✧ Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan✧ He nan hui mian✧ ✧ New World Mall✧ The Usual✧ ICHIRAN Midtown✧ Miznon at Chelsea Market✸ Check out these awesome shirts:➔ Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page:✉ Send stuff to our P.O. Box!Mike Chen P.O. Box 610Middletown, NY 10940----------------------------------------♩ ♫ Music:♩ Song: Push by Markvard ♩ Song: Losing My Mind by Markvard ♩ Song: Sky by Markvard♩ Song: Journey by JayJen♩ Song: Fruits by JayJen ♩ Song: Beach Breeze by JayJen & HHMR♩ Song: Fading (Remake) by Sappheiros◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ :Sony RX100 Mark V: LUMIX G85: Angle Lens: Mic: Lights: Audio Recorder:


  • watchdealer11
    watchdealer11 4 months ago+667

    Like if Mikey Chen better than Lil Pump

  • darklucida
    darklucida 4 months ago+79

    Damn I love that roast pork rice place. I used to frequent them before they opened that store and had a corner noodle stand like 15 years ago. They overworked themselves so much, nice to see the husband is taking off for like more than 1 day a week working like 12 hours days.

  • tOnY O
    tOnY O 4 months ago+30

    I died a little inside when he didn't scoop the rest of that meat into the bun

  • Jamaia Anne Sharyn
    Jamaia Anne Sharyn  4 months ago+123

    literally no one:
    mikey: a LiTtLe hOt OiL...a liTtLe ViNeGaR

  • uber yangster
    uber yangster 4 months ago+31

    EHT "we took our first picture of a black hole"
    Mikey Chen fans "nah, that's just his bottomless stomach"

  • Judy Llewellyn
    Judy Llewellyn 4 months ago+23

    Just wondering if you have or are thinking of having a travel kit for eating with a fork, knife, spoon and chop sticks bundled together with your signature on them and they can be used to replaced plastic eating utensils and be used time after time?

  • billiejean
    billiejean 4 months ago+20

    Mikey. If you want. I'll travel around and peel your eggs for you. Just pay for my food, hotel, and travel expenses. Oh, and I want everything you eat as well. Cheers to our new business venture buddy!

  • Jenn Wanderer
    Jenn Wanderer 4 months ago+15

    $25 ramen? $5 egg? I'll just go back to Japan and get it there for 1/4 the price lol

  • Kleinochsenfurter
    Kleinochsenfurter 4 months ago+47

    "Feels indecent since I'm undressing it a little bit." 😂
    OMG! Mikey you're hilarious! 😃

  • chopter33
    chopter33 4 months ago+26

    the dumplings are so thin skinned you cant make fun of them or they will get their feelings hurt.

  • BB B
    BB B 4 months ago+9

    Man said 'I'm gonna detox for 1 day, but before that, noodles and burgers' lmao

  • Monnie Robinson
    Monnie Robinson  4 months ago

    Will try to recreate that flat burger/cheese omelet pita this weekend. Looks so good.

  • Karmini Parsan
    Karmini Parsan 4 months ago

    Those dumplings👍👍👍👍Hello Ali..great to see you

  • Food and Footprints
    Food and Footprints 4 months ago+23

    Wah Fung No 1 is legendary!

  • Kay Strong
    Kay Strong 4 months ago+6

    Mikey like your videos your such a nice guy thanks for sharing ✌🏼✌🏼

  • scarlet overkill
    scarlet overkill 3 months ago+3

    Idk.... I just watch you and how much you love food and life, makes me feel like life is worth living, dude I love u

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie 4 months ago+1

    Oh my goodness those egg tarts are insane 😍😍👌🏼 wow such fantastic food

  • Nastran Jawed
    Nastran Jawed 4 months ago+4


  • victoria cho
    victoria cho 4 months ago+10

    I haven’t even watched the vid and I already know my stomach is gonna growl

  • Tolga Sbg
    Tolga Sbg 4 months ago+3

    Haha every store knew that you are coming so they raised the prices and shrinked the quantity 🤣