T-Mobile CEO John Legere | We're bringing the Un-carrier to TV

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
  • Yeah, that's right. T-Mobile is coming to TV! Our CEO John Legere (@johnlegere) has some big news we're finally ready to share about bringing the Un-carrier to the Cable industry, and completely turning it on its head!

    For more information about forward-looking statements, see here: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-an...

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  • La chancla21
    La chancla21 14 days ago

    They should make WiFi router

  • tammy bumps
    tammy bumps 26 days ago

    sign me up

  • Live2win Uncle E.
    Live2win Uncle E. 1 months ago

    Mr. JL is a Boss-Savage CEO. I love it

  • Elder Pyatt
    Elder Pyatt 1 months ago

    Just want to say I like this guy he just talked like a real person for a change and made an excellent presentation.

  • John Mulhere
    John Mulhere 1 months ago

    I would love to see a home streaming device with unlimited data that you could run Apple TV or Roku from.

  • Abby Ventura
    Abby Ventura 1 months ago

    Proud to be a T-mobile customer

  • claud rapoza
    claud rapoza 1 months ago

    please give me home unlimited internet

  • Jb Bizardie
    Jb Bizardie 1 months ago

    Thank you Jone !!!!!!!

  • Bryan Parks
    Bryan Parks 1 months ago

    Just went and purchased more Tmobile stock...lets do it.

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins 2 months ago

    Im proud to be part of T-Mobile employee. Customer Care

  • zombi5897killer
    zombi5897killer 2 months ago

    This is amazing im so glad somebody like this guy is speaking up for us because everything he said is true and this dream needs to come true, oh wait it will, thank god.

  • Jarvis Solomon
    Jarvis Solomon 2 months ago+1

    I absolutely love this! Why is this news not everywhere?? I would actually like to know how I can become a part of it. I'm in IT and watching what I want wherever matters so much to me!

  • Melissa Hannah
    Melissa Hannah 2 months ago

    Yes !!!!! T-Mobile is the best ever !!!!! Plus best CEO ever !!!!! Best cell phone service ever !!!!!!!

  • Melissa Hannah
    Melissa Hannah 2 months ago+1

    Love !!!!

  • Robert Candelaria
    Robert Candelaria 2 months ago+1

    Go for it baby

  • Robert Candelaria
    Robert Candelaria 2 months ago

    Mr T mobile kick the ass out of AT & T they charge too much for cable. We can say they take our grocery money for the prices that they charge for cable and telephone. It's about time a guy like you did something about this guy's. hope the prices of cable television with T-Mobile are affordable for people in fixing comes so I can enjoy my Golden Girls every evening. I believe in your promises you're a man with a lot of Talent.

  • alfonsca
    alfonsca 3 months ago

    PLEASE save me from Verizon FiOS!!!!🤬🤬🤬. Can’t wait!

  • Tm ce
    Tm ce 3 months ago

    He is awesome!!! Tells it like it is!! Thank you for not spouting bullshit!!!!

  • Ryan Belden
    Ryan Belden 4 months ago

    Yeah I pay 192 a month back in 1993 to 1998 I paid 25 a month his right go John go I'm switching to T Mobile

  • JH4073
    JH4073 4 months ago

    This dude is great.