Jim's BBQ Invitations - The Office US



  • Rowie Palacpac 10 months ago

    When Michael said "You too Dwight?" I felt his sadness

  • Woodland 10 hours ago

    @Jack Attack np

  • Jack Attack 10 hours ago

    @Woodland thanks

  • Jonathan James 7 months ago

    Kevin’s preprogrammed excuse is the best lol

  • Zak Kuehne 23 days ago

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  • Parker_Pickelny 97 1 months ago

    Barro the Broadcaster I thought the same thing

  • In The Mind of Kibara 10 months ago

    Jim just knows when Michael is just making it awkward.

  • Just like yes.

  • Philgob 2 months ago

    i think everybody knows

  • Denise Wesolowski 10 months ago

    "Quote from the video you just watched" where are my likes

  • HOTSAUCE 9 days ago

    Denise Wesolowski sad isn’t it?

  • Jared Olson 24 days ago

    Denise, I am totally using your line. Best comment I have seen.

  • Birdy 16 10 months ago

    “Hey Pam, do you need me to walk you to your vehicular transport?”-Michael Scott

  • Stack daddy 12 days ago

    Birdy 16 he said it as soon as I saw this comment

  • ULOIRAR 1 months ago

    @aa bbb Ikr, these clips are so hard to follow. Not all heroes wear capes.

  • Juliana Silva 10 months ago

    Dwight's "question" kills me everytime.

  • Casey Driver yesterday

    What kind of bear is best

  • unowen7591 2 months ago

    Everytime someone says "QUESTION" now reminds me of Dwight

  • Oumar FM 10 months ago

    Dwight: "I can't, I have soccer practice"Michael: "I didn't know you played soccer"Dwight: "clarinet."

  • Odd Fellow 1 months ago

    Thanks for quoting a line from the video we all just watched... I would have totally missed that line if you didn't comment on it....

  • Side Effects 5 months ago


  • thenerdrocket 10 months ago

    When Creed is invited over Michael, you know it’s bad 😂😂😂Edit: Don’t get heated over fictional characters, while he would bring some good drugs and organic desk sprouted mung beans, this is the guy who lived half naked in a closet and is basically crazy. He is one of my favorite characters overall, though.

  • Lukas 6 hours ago

    Meredith too

  • Arthur Condor 6 days ago

    Hold up, Creed isn’t a fictional character though 😂

  • Don Loyal 9 months ago

    The way he said "You too, Dwight?" hurt my feelings, man.

  • I hated Michael so, I had no remorse. Such an awkward person.

  • Bethany De Los Santos 1 months ago

    Sameee 😭😭😭

  • Reid Adkison 10 months ago

    I’m Pretty sure my Roomate thinks that I’m making Dwight up.He is very real.

  • OurKitty Crafts 20 days ago

    Private Joker what’s got you so stressed, it’s just a comment...

  • scraull 1 months ago

    Everyone dislike this