I graduated from high school

  • Published on:  6/26/2019
  • A coping mechanism I have for when the going gets tough is to hope and pray that a zombie apocalypse is coming in the near future so that I don't have to deal with this BS anymore. I blame it on: 1. I have watched one too many seasons of the walking dead.2. Every young adult fiction novel written nowadays is about the same cliché dystopian city in absolute ruins.No but seriously dudes, how dope would it be to run around a city and loot everything in sight? I mean, minus the zombies and questionable people, I THINK THAT SOUNDS PRETTY COOL. Actually, what the heck am I saying. I'm still scared of spiders. I hate the dark. I would probably survive for .7 seconds before a zombie bites my head off.Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ewww_its_jo...Twitter: https://twitter.com/tweet_joanaCameo: https://www.cameo.com/ewww_its_joanaP.O Box: now closedIf you want to translate the video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p...Current sub count: 2, 340, 280With love,Janiel Ceemstar


  • Ash- Bob
    Ash- Bob 1 months ago+34741

    Oh my god it’s Kitchen Fashion Week.

  • Charlie Odhiambo
    Charlie Odhiambo 1 months ago+5176

    No one:
    Random youtube kid who just hit 500k: drops out of high school
    Joana: hits 2 million, graduates high school, and goes to university
    we must protecc🤠

  • Ânyà Štár ✨
    Ânyà Štár ✨ 21 days ago+828

    You're a very good example to the youth Joana. Glad to know you'll continue with your studies. A GOOD ROLE MODEL

  • Don’t click My profile picture

    Schools: Don’t stay up late studying, thats not good for your health
    Also schools: *gives you 15 assignments 12 textbook assignments with 67 parts and 56 essays due tomorrow*

  • Tepigfan159
    Tepigfan159 7 days ago+203

    "I realised I was going to leave prison only to go to another one called a university"

  • We Go Up_with_ NCT
    We Go Up_with_ NCT 7 days ago+167

    imagine if we could wear the graduation clothes everyday at school... it would be like freakin harry potter i love it

  • Jiya Sharma
    Jiya Sharma 1 months ago+8127

    Helleo my dudes. Use me as a "I want a birthday vlog" button

  • Yanis Lepage
    Yanis Lepage 21 days ago+215

    She’s a true Canadian eats dinner at 4 o’clock
    Edit: omg thank you so much for almost 200 likes this is the most I’ve ever gotten

  • Sophia Gonzales
    Sophia Gonzales 1 months ago+233

    When I was at my sister graduation this dude speech was THE SPONGEBOB F.U.N SONG and I just started laughing it was so funny

  • Emma Tomlinstyles
    Emma Tomlinstyles 1 months ago+169

    no one:
    absolutely nothing:
    not a soul:
    not even pitbull:
    john cena: aggressively struts down the kitchen hall with high-cut Gothic boots and coconut tree hair

  • Silver Snow
    Silver Snow 6 days ago+32

    When John Cena is a better model than the likes of Kenner Jenner or Gigi Hadidi

  • I love My cat
    I love My cat 1 months ago+2599

    Video Title: I graduated from high school
    Actual Video: “So this is the food I ate”

  • catbridget
    catbridget 6 days ago+18

    people like you and simplynailogical encourage me to stay in school

  • Sprout Animations
    Sprout Animations 14 days ago+64

    I was ready to graduate school on the first day of preschool.

  • Crystal Blue
    Crystal Blue 7 days ago+34

    "Red slice of demon barf in my sandwich so I had to perform emergency surgery to remove the parasite from my meal". 🤣🤣🤣🤦🙆♥️

  • Catwell 203
    Catwell 203 1 months ago+49

    Morgz and his girlfriend: We dropped out of highschool for youtube
    Joana (john cena):hold my tiny microphone

  • 방탄소년단
    방탄소년단 1 months ago+1337

    Wait I actually want to see your 18th birthday video sksksks the clip you put in was freakin H I L A R I O U S

  • alexis dalton
    alexis dalton 2 days ago+2

    I love that you matched your mom both dresses are really cute!

  • Jessica Bialek
    Jessica Bialek 1 months ago+85

    Thanos is quaking with those boots
    Love you girl happy birthday happy graduating🎉🎊

  • SG stan
    SG stan 14 days ago+78

    She looked like dara in ‘I am the best’ with that hairstyle and I love it.