Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! (Spiderman)



  • Mario 8 months ago

    Don't tell everyone my secret

  • 500th comment yay

  • The Film Theorists 8 months ago

    To everyone who's upset that in the movie Venom himself says he's not a parasite, ask yourself this:Would a parasite BE HONEST and SAY he's a parasite? Just sayin'...

  • Nicholas Jordan 3 days ago

    The Film Theorists in the comics it is stated that the symbionts feed of of our adrenaline and thus put their hosts in dangerous situations which kinda blows the behavior part of your theory away

  • dragon force 12 days ago

    hes not a parasite im dissapointed in you matpat

  • Leonardo Delgado 2 months ago

    Venom:Jump?*Eddie Gets in Elevator*Venom:Pu**y

  • qibuuu sʇɹɐ 7 months ago

    When a youtuber does all this research for a video, while you’re struggling doing research for a single test.

  • Dragon Ball Anime Man 1 months ago

    qibuuu sʇɹɐ To be fair researching things about marvel is never boring

  • mr phteven 6 months ago

    Eddie: "What really made you change your mind?"Venom: "You. You did, Eddie."

  • Stacey Lee 1 months ago

    I fucken loved venom omg lol one of my faves with dr strange

  • Jun Linus Viduya 1 months ago


  • Darkskinned -STM 7 months ago

    Matpat:Venom is a parasteVenom:APOLOGIZE!!!Matpat:No.Infects himself in MatpatVenom/Matapt:We Are Flim Theory

  • Harsimar Sangha 8 days ago

    Parasite, bro

  • Random Stuff 21 days ago

    Flim theory...

  • Zee T. 7 months ago

    I'm convinced that Venom was a romantic comedy. Change my mindI'm not shocked at how many likes this has. Only people who can recognize the gayness in this movie deserve to watch it

  • War Dip 18 days ago


  • notsae66 7 months ago

    I remember reading somewhere that the reason Venom turned into a vilian was Peter rejecting him. Venom sort of loved Peter and was still in the process of bonding with him, the rejection confused and angered it while the broken bind messed with its head. This explains why Venom will so eagerly betray its hosts if it thinks Peter will take it back.

  • Tera deer 14 days ago

    (it sounds more like Peter being his senpai. Just sayin)

  • BlueFlaming Wolf 16 days ago

    @GuessWho195 I think it was more due to the fact the the Venom Symbiote was increasing his negative emotions more than the positive ones and in turn making him do things he didn't really want to do. I have no doubt venom cared for Peter in whatever way it could, not only because Peter himself is a pretty likeable guy, but he's an ideal host for Venom. I mean really look at how many abilities venom copies from Spider-Man

  • ام مروان 1 months ago

    Wait I just realized that this theory came out before the movieSoooooo,he only had trailer to work with.... ULTRA THEORIST LEVEL 1000 BADGE OBTAINED

  • Educated Bulldog 16 days ago

    Me watches movie Turns out venom is the good guy