Celebs You Had No Idea Were Arrested In 2019

  • Published on:  5/25/2019
  • Police who operate in celebrity hotspots must be pulling double duty because it seems like stars can't stop getting into trouble. From drug possession to stealing music gear to smashing pricey cell phones, these are the celebs you didn't know were arrested in 2019.

    Soulja Boy has been subject to a lot of wild news in 2019. Remember when he claimed to have invented Drake?

    All that noise makes it hard to remember that he was also arrested. According to TMZ, Soulja Boy was arrested in March 2019 because police reportedly found ammo in his home after executing a search warrant a month prior, in response to a woman claiming he'd kidnapped her. The ammunition allegedly violates his probation — but it's not the first time he's been accused of ignoring the rules. In 2016, TMZ reported,

    During that search, authorities found two guns, which violated his probation and got him charged with two counts of felony weapons possession, per Rolling Stone. All this probation drama reportedly stems from a plea deal he reached in 2014 after being arrested for having a loaded gun in a vehicle.

    In late April 2019, Soulja Boy was sentenced to 240 days in jail, plus 265 days of community service, per E! News. Plenty of time for another "comeback."

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