The Story of Skyrim Part One: Todd Howard and the Road to Oblivion

  • Published on:  11/17/2017
  • Happy Skyrim Day! In celebration of the release of Skyrim on VR and Switch and toaster and whatever else, here's the story of how the game's director, Todd Howard, got the job of working at Bethesda!

    The story behind Skyrim is big and complicated, and it didn't seem like it would fit comfortably into a single video, so instead, we've focused for Part One on the growth of the Elder Scrolls series. Part Two will talk more about the art and design of Skyrim itself, and we'll post a link here once it's ready (subscribe and join the Notification Squad to get to see it first).

    This week has been ridiculously busy for us, with BretonStripes working away from home for three days, meaning we only had two days to throw this together. That being the case, Kotor asked Twitter what video we should make, and naturally, you guys picked the most time-consuming video, so it's been a fun couple of days for us. If there are errors in this video, they're brought about by lack of time, and if BretonStripes sounds a little hoarse, it's because she's been delivering trainings all week and doesn't have much voice left.

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    The Story of Star Fox:

    How it Feels to Play the SNES Mini as a Family:

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    The majority of the research for this video came from interviews with Todd Howard himself, who, despite being a "controversial" figure in the games industry (as is literally anyone who's popular enough to be recognizable), actually seems pretty relatable. He's just a big old nerd, who loves video games. Can't hate on him for that!

    Here are some links to those interviews:

    Special thanks to Aaron Herbst for the music for this video, it's awesome. Check out his YouTube channel:

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