Dean Ambrose and his personal SWAT team subdue Seth Rollins: Raw, Dec. 3, 2018



  • Abhijith Karkala
    Abhijith Karkala 13 minutes ago

    Plz.... BANE Idiot AMBROSE.....Seth your the best....

  • Andrew Pattison
    Andrew Pattison an hour ago

    Ending the Sheild is the biggest mistake the wwe as ever made

  • YJ Media
    YJ Media 2 hours ago

    Dean ambrose look like comedian

  • mrskribble
    mrskribble 3 hours ago

    Dean is now a hypochondriac?

    TRUE TEACH 3 hours ago

    Hahaha 😜😜😜

  • jin sav
    jin sav 4 hours ago

    when the shield break up make dean crazy now😂😂

  • Ashma Khan
    Ashma Khan 5 hours ago

    take care seth💖💖💝👌

  • Paul Contento
    Paul Contento 9 hours ago

    Shame the rest of the show sucks.

    MARION STEWART 10 hours ago

    dean ambrose deserves to be ic title, Seth Rollins he looks like roman raings when he is triggered

  • Reinier Dalina
    Reinier Dalina 11 hours ago+1

    2:47 the proof of raw low ratings

  • Chris Story
    Chris Story 11 hours ago

    Man, someone please confine vince to his limo or hotel room and yank his laptop or tablet away from him because he can't write jack spit.

  • Diana Lynn Amoroso
    Diana Lynn Amoroso 11 hours ago

    Dean looks like a ginger but he cool

  • igig Jdbs
    igig Jdbs 12 hours ago+1

    He's different. He's not the Dean Ambrose i knew.

  • Second Take
    Second Take 12 hours ago

    Banes Ambrose

  • Nick ant
    Nick ant 12 hours ago

    That theme song tho dean keep that alarm alert sound

  • Marshmello 369
    Marshmello 369 12 hours ago

    Seth Rollins is still better

  • Cholo Carway channel
    Cholo Carway channel 12 hours ago

    One of the haircut looks like Darren young

  • J Compass
    J Compass 13 hours ago


  • Nicholas Nelson
    Nicholas Nelson 13 hours ago+1

    Jump scare on Bane Ambrose!!!

  • Michael R
    Michael R 13 hours ago

    What the hell has WWE become? Hire new writers, right now, immediately. Their writing is almost as bad as the acting in most of the roster and the way they cut promos.
    Botches moves, terrible matches that are so predictable you can easily make money on, dwindling live audience attendance, angry, frustrated and disappointed fans and ratings dropping maybe as fast as their stock?
    Hell, Vince just sold a crapton of stock so that should be at least 1 major warning sign, possibly.
    What else do you need as motivation to fix this WWE?!