[Becoming a NiziU member was not easy - Mayuka Cut/Highlights] - w/ English subs [ マユカの旅 | ハイライト]

  • Published on:  7/10/2020
  • In this video features the journey of Ogou Mayuka throughout Nizi Project. Starting from the auditions to the final member announcement for the assembling of the new JYP girl group NiziU.

    Nizi Project was made with the joint of Korean and Japanese project between JYP and Sony Music. It's purpose is to find talent in Japan, searching in 10 different cities. Auditions were held in each city to look for girls with potential talent. They will be then sent to Tokyo camp for a few days to tackle some various tests. Those participants who passes or earn cubes will likely to be chosen to join the camp going to South Korea. The selected trainees will then travel to So. Korea and will undergo intense training for 6 months. They will then go through missions where they will be evaluated and the chance to be selected to debut and be part of the new girl group (NiziU).


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