Tubular Lock Picking by Tubular Pick Tool Unlock Safe Lock Opening within half minute

  • Published on:  1/19/2015
  • Tubular Lock Picking.
    Easy and Fastest way to actually pick a Tubular Lock.
    a Tubular lock we usually use on most small shop safes and house safes, metal Cabinet, Cupboard, electric cabinets, and so on. the Tubular lock is quiet annoying to start picking it, specially cos it's unusual shape.
    The H&H Tubular Lock Pick is the best tool i ever came across, which actually worked on each Tubular Lock. (Not like: GOSO, HUK)
    1: You need to get all the pins flat with the header. (not even mm up/down)
    2: Lock the black ring, which will tight the pins, and they will be unable to move.
    3: insert the pick tool to the end of the lock, and hold it strong.
    4: while you hold the pick tool, release with the other hand (slowly, slowly) the black ring which we locked before.
    5: while releasing the black ring, play with the pick tool gently Left & Right, Left & Right. if the long doesn't unlocked, continue releasing little more, and play Left & Right.
    6: a soon as you got the tubular tool turned, stop there, lock again and very tight the black ring, so it's will hold the pins in place, and you can use it as a Key now :)
    7: Great. now take the measure key, and measure the pins as i showed, and make COPY.
    (you can tell the number to any "Key Cutting" store, and they will understand

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