How (Not) To Revive A Show: Arrested Development vs. Community

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • In my second attempt at a TV-centric video essay, I attempt to point out the parallels between two of television's most innovative comedies of the past two decades: Arrested Development and Community. Both are highly acclaimed and feature award-winning writing and performances, but they have another, more specific thing in common; they both failed- twice. Which one did a better job handling their attempted rebirth, or did both of them crap the bed their second time around? I offer my two cents.

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    thank for watching! I tried to be a bit more informative and research-based with this video rather than solely opinionated. While I admit this video is less funny than what I usually attempt to put out, my goal was to take a documentary-like approach to the history of two shows I love. Let me know what you think.

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  • Charity Hopkins
    Charity Hopkins 5 hours ago

    You should do more of these! I've never even heard of Community, and yet I was still interested.

  • curlyfry1227
    curlyfry1227 15 hours ago

    I really really liked arrested development for the first few seasons but then when they came back after being cancelled for so long.... dude..... it. Was. Absolute. Trash. i got so tired of the amount of INCEST JOKES, it was funny at first, the cousins being attracted and whatever but sheesh towards the end i was just really done with it and then JOB HITTING ON HIS SISTER AFTER HE FOUND OUT SHE WAS ADOPTED LIKE WTFFFFFFF. i was so disappointed, it seemed like they had run out ideas🙄🙄🙄 which i understand cuz the plot was too simple to carry on for more than 3 seasons

  • Soft Cheddar
    Soft Cheddar yesterday

    I weep heavily when I watch community season 4

  • ginshuhime
    ginshuhime yesterday

    The fact that you cite 2 Broke Girls and TBBT as the thing the audience knows what to expect and just wants to turn the TV on to, tells A LOT.

  • sadder daze
    sadder daze 2 days ago

    Ok, I need to watch these shows already. They both have actors from my favourite show Bojack Horseman. Allison Brie and Will Arnett! 🙏🏼

  • Chipped Sarahcha
    Chipped Sarahcha 2 days ago+1

    I adore both of these shows, and have rewatched them multiple times because of how genius they are. When I was younger I did binge watch Big Bang Theory, but I don't feel like ever revisiting it. There are too many other good shows out there without laugh tracks or bloated seasons.

  • Mohanraj Jk
    Mohanraj Jk 3 days ago

    Nope, Arrested Development S1-3 stands as the peak of American comedy, bar none. Plot, dialogue, acting, characters, references, metacognition, etc. all interwoven into a proper fabric of a story --nothing like it before or ever since. Community does stand apart from most comedy fodder out there, but it still pales in comparison to Arrested Development.

  • Nom du Clavier
    Nom du Clavier 3 days ago

    How can a rollercoaster have more than like... one more down than ups.

  • LPSRainbowFez
    LPSRainbowFez 3 days ago

    God I’m cringing at how much Aliens in America sounds like the portrayal of Long Duck Fong in 16 Candles

  • McKenna Pamplin
    McKenna Pamplin 4 days ago

    would love a pt3

  • Ringo's Art
    Ringo's Art 5 days ago

    You should do the office vs parks and rec

  • Olivia Petrillo
    Olivia Petrillo 7 days ago

    wow... thank you

  • SIQOalavi
    SIQOalavi 8 days ago

    Just watch season 1 & season 2 of Community. The others are just aweful.

  • crazyrockman
    crazyrockman 8 days ago

    I just want a wrap up of My Name Is Earl :(

  • The Fandom Dolphin
    The Fandom Dolphin 9 days ago

    You should do The Office vs Parks And Recreation

  • Its visi
    Its visi 9 days ago

    Office and recs?

  • Blitzer
    Blitzer 9 days ago

    I always believed six seasons and a movie and have no faith at this point

  • Litucino Plantino
    Litucino Plantino 10 days ago

    The original cut of S4 is better than the new cut. Change my mind.

  • Imaproshaman
    Imaproshaman 10 days ago

    Damn, this was great. Makes me undertand why I should watch these. They look good tbh.

  • Thelema
    Thelema 11 days ago

    This is great work, Drew. Let's kiss.