How (Not) To Revive A Show: Arrested Development vs. Community

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • In my second attempt at a TV-centric video essay, I attempt to point out the parallels between two of television's most innovative comedies of the past two decades: Arrested Development and Community. Both are highly acclaimed and feature award-winning writing and performances, but they have another, more specific thing in common; they both failed- twice. Which one did a better job handling their attempted rebirth, or did both of them crap the bed their second time around? I offer my two cents. watch my last attempt at a video essay:"Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs. Friends"► my appearance on the gus & eddy podcast:► my merch:► my own personal revival:twitter - - - - for watching! I tried to be a bit more informative and research-based with this video rather than solely opinionated. While I admit this video is less funny than what I usually attempt to put out, my goal was to take a documentary-like approach to the history of two shows I love. Let me know what you think.And remember- the goal for this video is 1 billion likes, so smash that mf'ing like button and see if you can get another 14% of the world's population to do the same!


  • Retro Pyro 5 months ago

    If Community had been picked up by Netflix, I think we would have already gotten the ..."and a movie".

  • Joseph Stassup 2 days ago

    10 year reunion though.

  • aimannorzahariwod 4 days ago

    @Natnael Guliano Who the fuck uses Yahoo is what i'm wondering.

  • seemsfishy23 9 months ago

    I feel like Alex Hirsch's decision to end Gravity Falls (which, yes, is technically considered a kid's show but is also excellent) after only two seasons is all the more brave and commendable after seeing so many wonderful shows go on for too long and lose steam.

  • Wendy McCoy 12 hours ago

    One of my favorite shows. He said he didn't want it to be over done like spongebob to the point where no one cares about it anymore. It's proof of how much he cared about the series and it's wonderful.

  • Ivanperez 128 3 days ago

    seemsfishy23 the show was okay

  • parks and rec vs brooklyn nine nine (mike schur edition)

  • Teresa Grace 16 days ago

    i’ve never watched a full episode of b99 but from what i’ve seen is day p&r is more related to the office

  • Hayley 9 months ago

    Cool. Cool cool cool.

  • Elle Sab 13 days ago

    "EWWW David"

  • Troy and Abed in the mooorning

  • Firethon 10 months ago

    Cool vid. You’re my favorite YouTuber, Danny Gonzalez!

  • Just Another Doodle 2 months ago

    Greg for life!

  • SuddenCypress51 3 months ago

    Greg greg greg

  • nick da bott 4 months ago

    Arrested Development is one of the greatest shows on Netflix and Community is one of the greatest shows on Hulu

  • Jokezz 10 days ago


  • Muna 13 days ago

    Has anyone seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Now that show is so underrated

  • Julia Marlin 3 months ago

    Arrested Development is my favorite comedy show of all time (the original seasons)

  • Leapold Shlieffen 15 hours ago

    Julia Marlin the first 3 seasons were the funniest seasons of any show ever.

  • Mike Vandemark 1 months ago

    Julia Marlin Same

  • Jordan Davis 9 months ago

    I love Community so much

  • Robert M 2 days ago

    6 seasons and a movie was originally for Cougar Town which did get revived for TBS. We did not get a movie for either one yet

  • Pelle 4 days ago

    @Jack Fitzsimmons y'know that rug really put the room together

  • Luc Robillard 4 months ago

    Community is literally my absolute, number 1 favorite show in all of space-time.

  • Luc Robillard 11 days ago

    @Dork Born i appreciate the concept but not the execution

  • Twyzan 12 days ago

    @Connor Taylor Shirley leaving was fine, she was the least interesting character imo. Pierce leaving wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad. Troy leaving was devastating. Troy and Abed were my favourite part of the show.

  • Forine 10 months ago

    I heard some relatives call The Big Bang theory the "greatest thing ever" and "incredibly funny" and then I see my mum looking at minion memes. I genuinely have no hope.

  • Art cadet 17 days ago

    Minion memes are not memes and i think we can all agree on that.

  • atenahena 28 days ago