10 Magic Pool Pranks for Summer

  • Published on:  7/17/2016
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    In this special Pranks episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 10 How To Magic Swimming Pool Pranks for Summer! These magic tricks and summer pool pranks are funny, easy to do, and perfect for kids, beginners, and adults as well! Have some fun in the sun with these magic pranks today and prank your friends and family at the pool or the beach! Thanks for all the love and support #eraSQUAD you are seriously amazing - Laugh@Life my friends! :)

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    Magic Pool Pranks Revealed in this Video:
    1.) Magic Floating iPhone in the Pool Prank - 0:45
    2.) Dry Ice in Swimming Pool Magic Prank - 1:27
    3.) Hula Hoop Dive Challenge Pool Prank - 3:12
    4.) Magic Bubbles Pool Trick Polymer Balls - 3:41
    5.) Funny Scary Spider Beach Umbrella Prank - 5:12
    6.) Cool Magic Bath Bomb Pool Pee Prank - 5:42
    7.) Underwater Breath Hold Challenge Prank - 6:22
    8.) Classic Mayo Sunscreen Switch Prank - 7:11
    9.) Swimming Pool Noodle Toy Water Prank - 9:10
    10.) Beach Shampoo Shower Magic Prank - 9:34

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    Special Thanks to Sasha Caufield, Zach Craig, Eric Williams, Brent Baker, and Travis Tuell for helping with this video :)

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