Final Fantasy 7: Machinabridged (FF7MA) - Ep. 11 - TeamFourStar (TFS)

  • Published on:  10/27/2017
  • TeamFourStar presents Ep. 11 of "Final Fantasy 7: Machinabridged (FF7MA). Final Fantasy VII (FF7) came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a main stay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid in this new TFS abridged series!Join the party on Discord!➤ are our favourite materia!➤ Gil? Help Us Make More!➤ equipped!➤ Season 1 OST - "Midgar Mix"➤ us on Twitter➤ us on Facebook➤ Cloud – Justin BrinerBarret– Anthony “Antfish” SardinhaRed XIII – Curtis “Takahata101” ArnottTifa – Sarah Ann WilliamsAerith – Kira “Rina Chan” BucklandSephiroth – Mike “Ovarku” VarkerRemirez – FaulerroZangan - Kamran NikhadClouds Mom - Marissa LentiTifas Dad – Edward BoscoPhotographer – Fred WoodMonster – Jordan WoollenWritten - Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha & Ben “HBI2K” CreightonScript Supervisor - Nick "Lanipator" LandisProducer - Nick "Lanipator" LandisDirector – Anthony “Antfish” SardinhaEditor and Motion Graphics Artist – Lawrence “MasakoX” SimpsonMusic Production – Cliff “AinTunez” WeinsteinIntro Music – TheLivingTombstoneCharacter Art – Stephan KroseczA huge thank you to:Autodidactic IAlex BigleyJames UptonDarren WatsonJohn-Barry CollisAlexandra ReedAlexander Xavier KochBruno Miguel Mendes GameiroAdam StaigerSean J OverstreetBrian RhodesWiliam NitzRyan FrankensteinChristopher L ThompsonHarrison GluckMeng YangChristopher Ryan Scott TaylorZachary VashWalter ThompsonDexter wegnerJoshua SingletonJulian Casarez T. Scott KellyChris HardyJacob Quinnelijah brownKyle DaelemansChloe WerthCraig GermonDavid KlinginsmithNikolas J DoughtySean RedpathJack LarsonRyan HobbsMatthew E CooperDean AveryMarkyys Steven Veachbrisingr666 Sean Shawn ErwayTyler NatorToftheJ Adam BaileyAndrew CurtisColton Pleshek (MarioMaster1337)Francois van EedenPopaLarge Cole StormoenPhilip WardenEngineer Grimsha Evan ParmenterRobert GlanvilleCharles DooleyJ.L. SchultzKyle Tyler OwensAnd all of our other Patreon contributors!


  • TeamFourStar 1 years ago

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  • Neku fujiki 21 days ago

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  • Ritsu The Weeb 23 days ago

    FullMetal Buhamut: Brotherhood

  • Reign 1 years ago

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  • jmiester25 1 months ago

    You sir are the Savior of the Internet.

  • Jason Ultimate 2 months ago

    Damn it, you beat me to it.

  • killeing 1 years ago

    I just realized: Remierez is going to end up being Cloud XD

  • The Phincang :p yesterday

    What a plot twist XD

  • Yusuke/ Anivoca 1 years ago

    Barret: Oh, y'all didn't know that? Yeah, we can summon gods like Ifrit, Laviathan, Bahamut, Bahamut Zero, Bahamut Sin-- [continues in background] --Neo Bahamut, Bahamut Fury, Bahamut Alpha, Bahamut Omega, Bahamut Eidolons, Bahamut Aeon, Bahamut Esper, Astral Bahamut, Dirge of Bahamut, Before-Crisis Bahamut, Crisis CORE BahamutBarret: [in background] Bahamut Automata, Bahamut A Realm Reborn, Bahamut Episode Prompto, Bahamut Kingsglaive, Bahamut Monster of the Deep, Bahamut Is Strange: Before the Stor...

  • Kumatora 1 months ago

    What about Shiva😢

  • Erik Hackney 1 months ago

    @Duskbringer What's Bahamut 2006?

  • ClockFink 1 years ago

    "Oh, am I getting the details wrong?""Oh no. Please continue. Tell us how YOU and Sephiroth entered the reactor."Damn... Sick unreliable narrator trope burn...

  • Jeremy Brink 12 days ago

    It's also funny cause he wasn't even at Nebilheim. Meta jokes.

  • Ice Viking 1 years ago

    "She named me Cloud, wanting me to shoot for the stars but figured i'd only get half way there" That is awesome.

  • Erick Leda 1 years ago

    My mom in a nutshell

  • Firebird0315 1 years ago

    Sounds like she expected him to be a stoner by now.

  • ultima10101 1 years ago

    Major props to the English subtitlers for getting ALL of those "Bahamuts". Your dedication helped that bit reach full potential.

  • Flaxen Monster 38 1 years ago

    Sephiroth: "How would you react if your entire past was merely a story fabricated by those who would manipulate you?" Cloud: "Uh... Not well?" *EPIC FORESHADOWING*

  • Yeah! If you played the game you know what's up with Cloud past. Funny thing is: remenber that clound here is actually Ramirez. Clever

  • Kosaru Garaboshi 6 months ago

    Zara Condemi A memory that will last forever.

  • Jesse Colton 1 years ago

    Sephiroth's "I murdered your mother, now we have something in common, isn't that what you always wanted?" speech is actually WAY better than his real dialogue in the game.

  • Li-Li Mandragon 1 years ago

    Yeah the fact Sephiroth murdered Cloud's mom is swept under the rug in the real game.

  • Buddhabright 1 years ago

    It's one of the best things about TFS. When they stop joking for a second, they hit like a goddamn truck.

  • Other Asta X 1 years ago

    Cloud: SEPHIROTH!!!Sephiroth: CLOUD!!!Sasuke: NARUTO!!!Naruto: SASUKE!!!Broly: KAKAROOOOT!!!!!!

  • hunter cheadle 2 days ago


  • Jarrion Thornton 2 months ago

    JPLOOONEY don’t scream at me😭