Slip n' slide, birthday child ♥️ [meme]

  • Published on:  10/11/2016
  • !!A quick meme for the Birthday girl!! Ik you're asleep rn, but I wanted to wish you happy birthday again hue. This time with a somewhat proper gift though ;0

    Everybody wish Neck ( ) a happy birthday, she's an amazing person and deserves all the love of the world ;v; Her birthday is almost over for her so gOGOGO

    Oh bOI I've missed a bunch of birthdays but at least I got this gift done in time! I'll be doing the others sometime around, but most of them will probably be drawings, since I have to focus on my map parts right now!! (Still, @ everybody who hasn't received a proper gift of me yet I love you all and I'll try to get them done asaP!)

    Now onto map parts,,,




    smelly teen...