10 Car Gadgets You Should Buy

  • Published on:  2/16/2020
  • 10 Car Gadgets You Should Buy
    10 Coolest Car Gadgets You Must Have

    #1 Navdy :
    Our phones and our cars are integral to our everyday life. But the two were never built to work together, until now. The Navdy Head-Up Display (HUD) was created so that these two constants could interact in ways that make sense and make us happy. Now you can stay connected to your network, your car and the road ahead—all at once.

    #2 VOYO :
    VOYO is an advanced telematics system that increases driving safety, convenience and fuel efficiency. The VOYO app allows a user to lock/unlock car doors, detect malfunctions, send alerts to other drivers, and increases your car’s security and fuel efficiency.

    #3 FenSens :
    The FenSens can detect objects about 10 feet away and guide you safely to less than 1 foot away from them. When an object is detected, the response is very quick, but please pay attention to any feedback warnings and always back up carefully.

    #4 Hudly :
    Hudly is a heads-up display that projects the information that you need to an optical glass in your clear line-of-sight. This allows you to quickly view information without having to adjust your focus. Hudly is compatible on IOS or Android and works with all your apps.

    #5 ZUS :
    ZUS is a smart car charger and car locator, an all in one device. ZUS is designed in Germany and produced by Nonda, a smart hardware start-up based in Palo Alto, CA. There is a smart charging function so you can charge two devices, up to twice as fast as other car chargers.

    #6 Pearl RearVision :
    RearVision’s Smart Parking Guidelines can measure distance to objects and react accordingly to help with parallel parking or maneuvering into tight spots.

    #7 FOBO Tire :
    Fobo tire the most advanced tire pressure monitoring system. Fobo tire comes with a three-level alert telling you when the tire is merely under-inflated or if it is dangerous to continue driving.

    #8 GOFAR :
    GOFAR drivers spend 15% less on fuel and enjoy automated trip logging. GOFAR helps find your car’s sweet spot using technology previously reserved for Formula 1 teams. Upgrade your car today!

    #9 Mobileye :
    Mobileye is an Israeli technology company that develops vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. In January 2017, Mobileye, BMW and Intel announced that they were developing a test fleet of autonomous vehicles that would be on the road in the second half of 2017.

    #10 Aware Car :
    Aware Car tells you where you parked, contextually opens apps and saves you from getting a ticket. Aware always remembers where you parked, so that you never lose your car or its keys.

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