Top 9 STRANGEST Things Found In The Ocean!

  • Published on:  4/1/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! From suspected UFOs to seemingly unexplainable train graveyards, here are 9 strange things found in the deep sea.

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    9. A 2,700-Year-Old Vessel
    About a mile off the coast of Gozo Island in the Maltese archipelago, divers discovered the remains of an ancient shipwreck!
    This Phoenician vessel was discovered under 400 feet (122 meters) of water. Thanks to the sandy seabed in this part of the Mediterranean, the 50-foot-long (15.24 meters) ship was very well preserved for being down there almost 3000 years!

    8. Underwater Stonehenge
    In 2007, archaeologists discovered a seemingly prehistoric arrangement of rocks while scanning the waters of Lake Michigan. Included among the bizarre series of stones is a boulder with what looked like a prehistoric mastodon carving and a Stonehenge-like formation of rocks. The eerie site is located in the lake’s Grand Traverse Bay under about 40 feet (12.2 meters) of water.

    7. Underwater Forest
    A study published last year details how a team of researchers led by Sarah Feakins from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles discovered the remains of ancient forests in the deep sea, thousands of miles from their places of origin.

    6. Garbage
    In March 2019, explorer, entrepreneur, and retired naval officer Victor Vescovo descended 35,853 feet (10,928 meters) to the deepest part of the world, the Challenger Deep at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Until then, the deepest-ever descent had occurred in 1960. Vescovo exceeded it by 52 feet (16 meters). Once he reached the bottom, he spent four hours exploring -- it’s the longest anyone has ever spent in the Mariana Trench.

    5. Airplane Graveyard
    The Marshall Islands played a major role in the World War II Pacific Theater. Off the archipelago’s Kwajalein Atoll lies a submerged collection of military equipment from the era, which the locals simply refer to as “the airplane graveyard.”

    4. A Bizarre Antarctic Blob
    Late last year, an international team of scientists announced the discovery of a never-before-seen, bizarre, blob-like creature deep in Antarctic waters. Earlier in 2019, they had taken a 50-day expedition across the Southern Ocean on the New Zealand research vessel Tangaroa. Using sophisticated technology to scan the seafloor, they captured images unlike anything researchers had ever seen.

    3. A Military Tank
    At the bottom of Truk Lagoon in Micronesia, under 160 feet (49 meters) of water, lies the Nippo Maru shipwreck, which contains numerous exciting items, including a military tank. The 354-foot-long (108 meters) Nippo Maru passenger-cargo ship was built in Kobe, Japan in 1936. It was used as a merchant vessel until 1941, when the Japanese Navy acquired it for transporting water tanks, military supplies, and ammunition to the Mandated Islands.

    2. Trucks
    On June 7, 1980, a roll-on/roll-off ferry called the Zenobia sank to the bottom of Larnaca Bay, Cyprus, under what many people argue were mysterious circumstances. The disaster happened during the ship’s maiden voyage from Malmo to Syria. During the trip, a computer malfunction allegedly caused excess water to load into one of the ballast tanks, and the ship began listing.

    1. A UFO?
    In 2011, explorers discovered an oddly-shaped item that came to be known as the Baltic Sea Anomaly. Using sonar, they detected the 210-foot-long (70 meters) object underneath 300 feet (100 meters) of water.