Sotheby's, October 5th 2018

  • Published on:  10/6/2018


  • Funkdoctor
    Funkdoctor 10 months ago+2952

    Also, i am afraid that people will now pay even more for this piece of art, lol :D

  • spllitz
    spllitz 10 months ago+1693

    Now try it with the Mona Lisa

  • David B
    David B 10 months ago+883

    0:49 That guy on the right side is having a great time.

  • David Goliath Media Publishing
    David Goliath Media Publishing 10 months ago+1701

    great marketing ploy , and publicity stunt awesome work of art for the publicity point of view!

  • anthony booth
    anthony booth 10 months ago+630

    I want to see the actual video uninterrupted/unedited pure reactions from the crowd. Regardless if Banksy orchestrated this with Sotheby's years ago or not, it still happened.

  • moldypizza
    moldypizza 10 months ago+489

    White haired guy at 0:49: "Well played, Banksy..."

  • JDM Imports
    JDM Imports 10 months ago+1932

    hope he wiped his fingerprints off it .. the law have been after him for years!

  • paul harvey
    paul harvey 10 months ago+484

    Excellent prank but without a doubt, it took place with the prior knowledge of Sotheby's - It is the only auction house in the world that has a Department of Scientific Research and high value items like this will be subject to technology like the Bruker M6 Jetstream, spectrometry and X-Ray - The idea that they didn't discover multiple components inside prior to the actual auction is laughable.

  • I am not white btw nice try reddit

    Look at about 0:39 you can see the auctioneer looks like after slamming the hammer he presses a button

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 10 months ago+415

    ... but my question is... why is Spongebob on the TV at the top... 0:19

  • Fescron_
    Fescron_ 10 months ago+868

    So you're telling me you added a battery and receiving circuit in there that kept listening for a signal for years, only to shred it now after it heard the right signal? And nobody ever noticed that being in there? Hmm...

  • Chris Molyneaux
    Chris Molyneaux 10 months ago+71

    I don't know, the whole thing seems pretty staged. Still funny, though.

  • first name last name
    first name last name 10 months ago+42

    Now the frame and the painting will both be worth millions and be "historic art" which, to me is stupid. Art is to be seen, not owned.

  • Atsushi smilly
    Atsushi smilly 10 months ago+15

    鼻持ちならない金持ちの集まるオークションを 徹底してオチョクル姿勢
    nice work..!!

  • Mike Swartz
    Mike Swartz 10 months ago+258

    Epitome of what is real art, evoke emotion.

  • anibal vega
    anibal vega 10 months ago+387

    this feels a bit fake

  • Masa Yama
    Masa Yama 10 months ago


  • I have some videos
    I have some videos 10 months ago+200

    I think it was a fake stunt to
    A. Promote the art place
    B. Make the art more expensive now that it went viral
    C. All of the above
    D. None of the above (Thanks I am perfection I should've added this one too)

  • WuzWutz
    WuzWutz 10 months ago+1

    FBI: we have no evidence that he did this
    man under investigation: hold my beer

  • Kasey Morist
    Kasey Morist 10 months ago

    Even more valuable shreded IMO. You genius!