What Happens To Your Body When You Have Lucid Dreams

  • Published on:  5/4/2021
  • Can they reduce nightmares? What about helping you solve problems? Wait, can lucid dreams really help you defeat your anxiety? We’re talking all that AND more...

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    Intro - 0:00
    1. Lucid Dreams Can Help Get Over Phobias - 00:34
    2. They Help You Solve Problems - 01:47
    3. Lucid Dreaming Boosts Your Creativity - 02:40
    4. Lucid Dreams Can Improve Motor Skills - 04:01
    5. It Can Rid You Of Your Nightmares - 05:00
    6. Lucid Dreams Can Help With Anxiety - 06:13


    1. Lucid Dreams Can help Get Over Phobias
    Everybody’s got something they’re afraid of. From ghosts, to centipedes, to fear of… clothing? Well, alright. Who am I to judge? I was once afraid of car washes as a child. They’re really creepy, you guys! Whatever your phobia is, lucid dreaming is said to help.

    2. They Help You Solve Problems
    Lucid dreaming can do a lot in the problem solving department. We’re all faced with a predicament in life. If you’re confused as to what your next move should be, a lucid dream may help. It lets you visualize and execute your plan of action.

    3. Lucid Dreaming Boosts Your Creativity
    Are you an artist struggling to come up with an idea? We’ve all had those issues. Well, lucid dreaming can also make a difference in this arena.

    4. Lucid Dreams Can Improve Motor Skills
    A lucid dream allows you to gain better control over your motor skills. No, I'm not talking about your ability to drive a car. You don’t want to be asleep doing that. I’m talking about the ability for your body and mind to maneuver properly.

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