Howl~|Ep.1| Gacha Life Gay Love Story|*Cotton Edits|*

  • Published on:  5/21/2019
  • Sorry about the beginning... But yes I am ending it for good because off the other episodes that are gone... but here is a new one!I introduce to you...HOWL~~Subscribe to Be A Fluffy~ Media~Instagram: in the Video~ Count~9,065


  • Cotton Edits 1 months ago

    It's Gay Dabudedabudie

  • fαкє _ѕмιlє 24 days ago


  • Yo Anime Wifu a months ago

    Great job!!! Can't wait for part two of there is one

  • *-BaTtLe ScArS-* 29 days ago

    New subscriber!Coming threw!🤙🏻❤🙈

  • DarkBlade_Wolf 753 25 days ago

    In the thumbnail I have the werewolf howling pic,btw I love it especially it's about werewolf and humans

  • H20gameing Life 1 months ago

    I came at da *speed of gay*

  • Sunset Galaxy10 1 months ago

    **click the notification quick as flash**

  • Sunset Galaxy10 a months ago

    @Spade YEAH XD

  • Spade a months ago

    Gotta go fast

  • Ellie 27 days ago

    3:33Oh god yes. MY nAmE iS iN tHe SeaSOn yEAh (Monika) but yeah. Sad that I’m the bad guy in the season ;-;

  • Donna H 26 days ago

    No lie my names jackie (I've been waiting fro someone to put meh name in a gacha ) I OFFICALLY LUV YA

  • rose cat 1 months ago

    see's "gay love story *clicks* WOW

  • k1i 22 days ago

    I’m here like *searches Gay gacha series*“OoooH soMe NeW oNeS”