Akumo, The Father of All Saiyans (Part 1)

  • Published on:  4/3/2018
  • The Father of all Saiyans, Akumo, invades Earth and it’s up to Goku to stop him in this Dragon Ball Super Movie Fan Edit/Animation. Thank you to the Patrons for Supporting us: https://www.patreon.com/mastarmedia

    This Fan Edit/Animation is made for fun and I do not own the rights to Dragon Ball or work for Toei, Funimation, or Fuji TV. Full credit to Toei animation and Akira Toriyama

    Animated by Mastar

    Massivity – Warpath
    Massivity – Stoneburner
    Massivity – Immaculate Destruction
    Magnus Christensen and Ryan Franks – Shatter Game
    2WEI – Catapult
    2WEI – Neptune
    Two Steps from Hell – Freedom Fighters
    Two Steps from Hell – None Shall Live
    Two Steps from Hell – Flight of the Silverbird
    Two Steps from Hell – Amaria
    Jo Blankenburg – Leaving Lemuria

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