Is LeBron James Jr Better Than His Dad was At 13 Years Old?



  • G A
    G A seconds ago

    Lol people need to just leave the kid alone. Just setting him up to underacheive or fail. We don't know how good he will be. Plenty of superstars have kids who got the same type of training and mentorship as kids and they very rarely become good NBA players. Just let the kid play and we'll see what happens. Its much more likely that he won't be a special NBA player then the other way around. And mentioning things like comparing their ranks at the same age is irrelevant. if he was just some random kid he wouldn't be ranked the same, Its all hype of being LeBrons son

  • Tony Allen
    Tony Allen 2 hours ago

    I’ll fry his son

  • Jack Clem
    Jack Clem 5 hours ago

    I think curry is better lebron

  • thomas parungao
    thomas parungao 6 hours ago

    do you think its weird if the kid has a 63 inch vertical

  • Beau Rea
    Beau Rea 9 hours ago

    Lebrons kids got skills

  • Jacob Padilla
    Jacob Padilla 9 hours ago+1

    He’s gonna reach 6’7 like his dad crazy 😅

  • Z&N F & S & J
    Z&N F & S & J 15 hours ago

    LBJ Sr. Has lost 6 Finals
    LBJ jr. Has lost 0 Finals
    Clearly Jr. is already better than Sr.
    Hairline got him beat too.

  • Bryan Rivas
    Bryan Rivas 15 hours ago

    Who’s the number 1 eight grader

  • TURBO Pepper
    TURBO Pepper 16 hours ago

    Nice video good job. Dont usually comment but nice comparisons

  • Marc Leon
    Marc Leon 16 hours ago

    Time will tell. This kid is definitely better than Marcus Jordan. I can see the way Lebron scowls at him while he plays. The pressure is on, but as long as he enjoys what he is doing.

  • Tucker Dunagan
    Tucker Dunagan 17 hours ago

    Lol “late bloomer” he was 6 foot at age 14

  • Admiral Tito
    Admiral Tito 18 hours ago

    This is very opinionated at some parts you said levaron James si the best basketball player on earth, that’s an opinion Bc many would say Michael Jordan was

  • Jay Rush
    Jay Rush 18 hours ago

    U dont know shit what your talking about the rank should go to lebron bc he did it without being known and LBJ jr is good but he might not even be the best recruit coming out when it's time period

  • hi person
    hi person 18 hours ago

    I'm 13
    Ok at basketball never played tho I prefer football

  • Michael Marrs
    Michael Marrs 19 hours ago

    I think it’s unfair to compare them at 13 as lebron didn’t have as nice a situation

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers yesterday

    This is such a joke hahaha come on man.... he's 13.. And you're saying he's gonna be better than his dad already. Get a life and let the kid be a kid.

  • Nicholas Sylve
    Nicholas Sylve yesterday

    He's just not as big as his dad....that's all

  • Hudson Vernon
    Hudson Vernon yesterday

    I think Lebron James would still beat LBJ jr because he had so much heart and i just reckon he has a better all around game

  • Sherrad Patterson

    why does he have to be the next lebron james just let hi be the first bronny james with his own position and his own game

    RAID3RTTV yesterday

    I don’t get it what is so crazy about being 13 and 5’10. I’m 13 and 5’11 and dunked at 12 but I don’t have a video made about me 🥺