Is LeBron James Jr Better Than His Dad was At 13 Years Old?



  • Matt Frazier 3 months ago

    He should just suddenly decide to take up music or art or something suddenly and piss everybody off.

  • MG 2 days ago

    no child can piss anyone off more than Magic Johnson son

  • Little-Big-One 3 days ago

    Lmao get into fashion or some corny bullshit

  • Tucker Dunagan 6 months ago

    Lol “late bloomer” he was 6 foot at age 14

  • Notorious Dabber710 3 hours ago

    when I was 10 I went in for a cat scan because of headaches, the doctor told me based off my bone structure I would be a least 6,6. I am 6,4 now and think I am done growing because I am 22.@DANKIUS

  • 2k YoungBoy 21 hours ago

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  • Rafhael De Sola 3 months ago

    Is lebron james better than lebron james?Yes, lebron james is better than lebron james

  • Soup Rice 3 hours ago

    Nah l think lebron James is better than lebron James.

  • Giovanni cafà 5 hours ago

    Bullshit, is the opposite

  • Lanky Lanky 6 months ago

    I think lebron mentioned once in an interview that he wants to be the first nba player to play in a game with his son.

  • Rtv Velocity 2 hours ago

    Reed Tard they are brothers retard

  • Reed Tard 4 hours ago

    Taylor Holden and your name is taylor because mommy and daddy wanted a girl.Pussy

  • Jack Kaczmarski 9 months ago

    Bronny will be better in college though😂

  • Hayden David yesterday


  • Yung X Sage 🤣

  • AkeMusic 4 months ago

    What if the other son turns out better than both of them lol 🤔...plot twist.

  • Kari Williams 5 days ago

    I think he will be. He's a way better shooter

  • Ka’Lea Stokes 12 days ago

    What Zhuri becomes better than them?? *ultimate plot twist*

  • Colin Sheedy 2 months ago

    2:12 lol what was the defender doing!? (#3)

  • Soup Rice 3 hours ago

    Isaiah Sithideth nah relax everyone is saying that Zion is gonna be ass in the next season but it was only a joke man

  • Isaiah Sithideth 3 hours ago

    @Soup Rice is that supposed to be funny?

  • Roxy Cotton 4 months ago

    Showing clips of LeBron at like 16 then showing clips of jr at 13

  • antonia 19 days ago

    Myb there arent clips of Lebron at 13

  • Logan 24 days ago

    I don't care about your opinion because he became very popular and received offers from Jordan to camps at 16

  • Thy Jokazz 3 months ago

    Lebron started with nothing but a Dream

  • Max Cuckerman 23 days ago


  • FreshOrange 2 months ago


  • John Neville 3 months ago

    The most important question: will Junior's work ethic match Senior's?Especially given that Junior already has a 7 figure trust fund...

  • D U 12 days ago

    Lol you think its only 7 figures

  • Daniel Rivers 1 months ago

    Probably more like 8 or 9...