Dance Around Taiwan in 1 WEEK!!

  • Published on:  3/2/2016
  • This year as I was deciding how to spend my Chinese New Year, I realized that even though I've been here for a while I still haven't done a complete loop around the island. How can it be? It's one of the things I have always wanted to do. So I decided to stop hesitating and just go for it.

    But I didn't want to just travel around. I wanted to meet new people and bring a little fun with us as we made our way around the island. I started Taipei Trends to throw livelier events anyway, so I got to thinking. Even though I can't really dance, I love groovin' out and shaking my why not...we can dance around Taiwan! Hope you guys like it!

    For more pics and info, check out here:

    Special Thanks to:

    Keegan Smith - For letting us use his song:Dancing Shoes

    TBC Dance Center - Win and Sabrina who choreographed and taught us the dance

    TEV Speakers -For lending us a MIT Speaker to blast our music everywhere

    California Car Rental -- For hooking us up with a sweet ride to take around Taiwan! Couldn't have done it without you!

    Places We Stayed:

    仙朵拉城堡 - Cinderella's Castle

    台東中華典藏商旅 - Z Hotel

    綠光水畔出租套房 - Lighthouse Hostel

    雲平精品旅館 - Ease

    窩。好宅 - Stay Nice Home