Restaurant Style Shahi Matar Paneer At Home | ढाबा जैसे शाही मटर पनीर | Special Matar Paneer Recipe

  • Published on:  9/21/2020
  • Shahi Matar Paneer is all flavor and absolute truest form of culinary delight and palate pleasing comfort. One of the favorite dishes across the board, cook up the dish and indulge in its hearty scrumptiousness with your whole family. Serve it with roti and/or rice and as a bonus order in some naans from your local restaurant.

    How to make
    shahi matar paneer at home | मटर पनीर की सब्ज़ी | paneer ki sabzi | मटर पनीर | special paneer recipe | पनीर मसाला | restaurant style matar paneer | शाही पनीर | matat paneer | पनीर की सब्ज़ी | matar paneer recipe in hindi | रेस्टोरेंट जैसा मटर पनीर | halwai style matar paneer | shahi | matar | paneer | cottage cheese curry | recipe | indian vegetarian recipe

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