How To Solve Gate 5 | Game Theory ARG

  • Published on:  8/30/2019
  • Here is the 5th gate and 3rd video of what is turning out to be 4 videos due to the length of both 5 and 6. I didn't want to make a single video over 20 minutes so i decided to split up gates 5 and 6 as well as i am still working on gate 6 while the gate 5 video is good enough to be posted while i continue to work on the gate 6 video before the release of gate 7.

    I hope the video helps! It was put together in a rush! Good luck theorists~!


    Executive Producers:

    Awesome Jess

    Music from Youtube Audio Library

    Websites/ programs used: - audacity audio editor - free image editor shown to us by Creator Ink - the theorist toolbox - offical ARG Master Tracker - essentially the guide book

    #GTArg#GameTheoryArg#ARG Livestreamed