Stipping Down for the Ninja Suit [Review]

  • Published on:  3/27/2013
  • The Ninja Suit by Airblaster is quite the base layer. I didn't think I'd personally like having a one piece layer but after wearing it for 2 days I knew I was going to be a huge fan.

    Airblaster has been making the Ninja Suit for almost a decade and they have it dialed. Others may have tried to follow but Airblaster has been leading the movement. They have tried many different versions over the years with flaps and buttons and zippers in all directions. After all this time they have come up with the perfect combination.

    The top and bottom are separated by a zipper that zips 350 degrees around your waste for super easy access for the bathroom. It also consists of a draw string around the waste that can be tightened which makes it feel like you're wearing a regular pair of bottoms if that's your flavor.

    Caroline is wearing the hood-less synthetic version and has found it to be EXTREMELY comfortable. We recently took a trip to Moab, UT and she brought hers along just to sleep in it. The women will find the waste zip to come in handy for using the bathroom and the top zip goes nearly to the bottom of your belly allowing very easy entry and exit.

    It also has thumb loops to prevent the sleeves from moving up your arm when you find yourself in the gnar. Caroline took a Ninja Suit with her to Alaska last year for a 2 month road trip. I don't think she wore many other base layers and I had a difficult time trying to convince her to take it off just so it could get washed.

    I've really become an advocate of these as I just wasn't sure in the beginning if the one piece was going to by my style. You can't deny how comfortable they are though and when you find yourself in the super epgnar you're not going to want anything else. This will keep the snow out in the worst of situations and the warmth in.

    My version has a hood which I haven't needed while skiing yet but is an excellent addition while relaxing. I was also a big fan of the wool version I have. There was never a stench that accumulated even after a week and a half of not washing it. The wool is also itch free and soft against my delicate skin.

    So if you're looking for a base layer that does it all and then some this is it. Wear it kayaking, climbing, fishing, motorcycling, sleeping, or just plain relaxing. Airblaster has mastered the Ninja Suit as others try to play catch up. They have many different styles to choose fom such as hooded, wool, synthetic, half leg length, and colors like camo, leopard, and celestial blue. The company has been absolutely wonderful to work with and it's very obvious the employees take great pride in the products they produce.


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