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  • Published on:  9/25/2017
  • They had this co-dad thing on lockdown...until their dads showed up. Watch the family fun unfold in #DaddysHome2, in theatres November 10!


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  • Huon de Kerilleau Charlote

    Daddy's Home 2 Movie Available in hd Quality
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  • Manuel Orozco
    Manuel Orozco 10 months ago

    I just saw the movie this morning. Daddy's Home 2 is funny but not as awesome as the first movie. But if anyone still wants a bit of holiday cheer, be my guest.

  • Guy Toigo
    Guy Toigo 10 months ago

    That could be a funny one.

  • Laura Genduc
    Laura Genduc 10 months ago+2

    This is the Iink for *Daddy's Home 2 🅷🅳 FuII Mᴏᴠɪᴇ* [ ]

  • Mike Toretch
    Mike Toretch 10 months ago

    Mark Walberg, John Cena, Mel Gibson. Looked pretty good until I saw that Will (no talent) Farrell was in it. Would not watch it for free now.

  • Ram Avtar
    Ram Avtar 10 months ago

    Vipin misshra

  • C
    C 11 months ago+1

    This is Cat from
    Brooklyn NY!🐱
    WOW!!! That was
    Mel Gibson? UBF!
    I can't believe that they
    would think that
    anyone would want to
    watch Mel Gibson in
    any kind of movie,
    video, TV show, ad or
    anything! Anyway you
    can see that he's pretty funny! I mean
    here is someone that
    was like a sex symbol.
    Now he is hilarious! I
    mean he is so old and
    so ugly it's just
    ridiculous! Hahaha!
    Life sure played a
    cruel joke on him! I
    guess the truth came
    out, literally! Ugly on
    the outside ugly on
    the inside! If you hate Mel Gibson give me a thumbs up!

  • Mike Frock
    Mike Frock 11 months ago

    Mel g women beater. ( What a Asshole ) Does he beat his girlfriend in this Family movie too ?

  • ornalock
    ornalock 11 months ago

    NOT going to see any movie with Mel Gibson in it! He's racist, antisemitic and a bully! Gross!

  • M VGA
    M VGA 11 months ago

    So are they finally letting Mel Gibson come back to Hollywood?

  • Starscream 454
    Starscream 454 12 months ago+2

    GONNA BE HILARIOUS!!! “Thank you so much for the cocoa!”😂

  • MatthewMossa
    MatthewMossa 12 months ago+1

    0:04 lmaoo