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  • Published on:  2/9/2020
  • The academy Awards ceremony is one of the most spectacular events of the year. Such status obliges all the Oscar nominees 2020 as well as Oscar winners 2020 to follow a list of rather strict Oscar rules.

    We will walk you through the Oscars behind the scenes and show you the best Oscar cringe moments of the Academy Awards 2020. So, how do the Oscars work?

    1. The Academy does hire special people to play the role of Oscars seat-fillers!

    2. The red carpet actually has two lines: for the world-famous stars like Scarlett Johansson and the other - for simple mortals.

    3. No food is allowed inside the Dolby theatre. That is why Jimmy Kimmel lunch box was so appropriate just as hilarious Ellen Degeneres pizza delivery.

    4. There’s actually a pretty strict Oscars dress code you obliged to follow. Although many of the stars seem to not know this rule, as they constantly wear some pretty extravagant gowns.

    5. The oscars speech must be no longer than 45 seconds. But there were numerous examples when the winners didn’t follow this rule. For example, Julia Roberts Oscar speech lasted for over four minutes!

    6. The oscars explained their rule about winner’s press-conference. As the schedule of the stars often very busy, the Medias’s only chance to talk with the winners is right after they received their golden statuette.

    7. There are dozen of professional comedians backstage, waiting to help the host with awkward moments during the show.

    8. The last rule we reveal in our top 8 Oscars rules concerns the breaks. If you fail to come on time - you’ll probably will be waiting outside the doors for hours till the next break starts. What are your Oscar predictions 2020?Share with us in the comments. And if you loved our entertainment news, share our video with your friends!

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