Think She Will Say Yes?????

  • Published on:  9/4/2018
  • Look good, feel good! for the compressor, check them out here. help answer som FAQsMy main camera Drone I Use Hero5 Session Best Tripod you with a fresh daily episode every 3 days or so.........Music:


  • OffTheRanch
    OffTheRanch  11 months ago+1146

    In this episode, I hit my son with a baseball bat, several times. :) Enjoy!!!

  • Dalton Joldersma
    Dalton Joldersma 11 months ago+248

    Put "Don't tell Mere" on the bottom for the next time it rolls

  • Gage
    Gage 11 months ago+180

    Did anyone else notice the person who drove that raptor took up two spots?

    ASKtheQUESTION 11 months ago+180

    Your chicken pecking problem is because you have 2 roosts, on the same level, and close enough for them to reach each other. Elevate one of the roosts, or make them farther apart.

  • Kyle Govan
    Kyle Govan 11 months ago+122

    Straight from Google.
    I asked: chicken coop size per bird
    Google Answered:
    "The minimum rule of thumb is about 2 to 3 square feet per chicken inside the chicken coop, and 8 to 10 square feet per chicken in an outside run. More square footage is better. Skimping on space requirements for a flock of chickens can cause stress, cannibalism, pecking, and sometimes even death."
    Basically they don't want to be smelling each other's asses lol

  • MelvinBlackman
    MelvinBlackman 11 months ago+31

    Yes, Matt that is the reason they peck each other. That blood attracts their attention, they don;t intentionally do that(at least i don;t think so). My dad usually applies methyl blue on the affected spots.There is no such thing as lack of protein of other fantastic ideas you;ve been given, they do that to themselves because they might have lice and they are trying to get rid of them. In this process they peck their own feathers ,sometimes pecking a little too much, and blood starts appearing wich attracts other chickens. Also, keep in mind this. Don't feed the the egg shells because they might start eating the eggs after they lay 'em and the only solution to stop them doing that is executing them.
    (plase like so Matt can see this)

  • botson catson
    botson catson 11 months ago+23

    I just watched a man spray paint a bunch of chicken butts

  • ddavel5441
    ddavel5441 11 months ago+5

    Name it ~ "Big Stupid Truck" ...with the quotes...thank you Mere! lol!

  • Falcon
    Falcon 11 months ago+3

    A proper paint job for the name, Nightmere, is to make it look like signed divorce papers and an empty bank account.

  • JJ Bullock
    JJ Bullock 11 months ago+2

    "I already wear so much camo, idk about camo shoes"
    -Matt Cariker
    three videos ago...

  • Kluck Fabrication
    Kluck Fabrication 11 months ago+271

    Just put nightmare on the bottom! We know your going to roll it over.

  • Noisy Neighbor
    Noisy Neighbor 11 months ago+1

    I think the Black Multicam would look amazing! It's one of my favorite multicam colors.

  • CUNextTuesday Muncher
    CUNextTuesday Muncher 11 months ago+2

    Black multi camo with blue splotches in it

  • Jared Harris
    Jared Harris 11 months ago+1

    By far my favorite outro!!! The running from the lightning and doing your outro hilarious!!! Good old Texas thunderstorms have been great!! We have the best storms!! The lightning is beautiful and astonishing!!!

  • Boom Douglas
    Boom Douglas 11 months ago+2

    Purple chicken butt is a pretty solid name for a rock band.

  • lewismo1
    lewismo1 11 months ago+39

    new shoes? i didnt see any shoes

  • T Bear
    T Bear 11 months ago+1

    Make nightmere a Vet-Ranch ambulance truck!! 😬

  • Texan Pride
    Texan Pride 11 months ago+1

    If she doesn't approve, I'll veto it for you ;)

  • Martin Ryan
    Martin Ryan 11 months ago

    Great choice with the Metcon's dude! Now go find your closest CrossFit box ;)

  • micah fuller
    micah fuller 11 months ago

    talking to Matt
    Me: What do you do in Texas at night?
    Matt: Oh you know... we spray paint chicken butts.
    Me: You guys know how to party!