What's the Secret to 18+ Years of Marriage?

  • Published on:  6/16/2019
  • From a beach getaway in an abandoned Malibu neighborhood to a Palm Springs vacation laced with celebrity sightings, R&L recount their anniversary vacations they took with their wives and analyze the key to an incredible 18+ years of marriage in this week's Ear Biscuits!

    EB #197, Original Release Date: 6/16/2019

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    3:26 - Rhett’s haunted house themed home lighting
    15:32 - Link’s private Malibu Airbnb weekend
    19:30 - Rhett’s star-studded Palm Springs stay
    21:42 - Link’s detailed packing list
    28:38 - Rhett spots Kramer (Michael Richards) & then channels George Costanza
    39:29 - Link spies a bodybuilder and explores an abandoned mansion
    49:25 - Rhett polices the pool and saves The Great Mark Strong
    56:36 - Mystery and desire within a relationship
    01:03:13 - Changing over the years but still remaining compatible
    01:13:50 - An emphasis on communication and liking the one you love
    01:21:18 - Recs in effect: “Aja” by Steely Dan

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