The Cuphead CONTROVERSY: Should Reviewers Git Gud? - DeadLock (ft. Mother’s Basement)

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
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    Cuphead broke the internet. When Cuphead gameplay of a journalist struggling to finish the tutorial hit the web, an age old debate was rekindled: Should gaming journalists have to be good at games to write about them? Or does writing come first and foremost? We'll be debating this very question, but in the end your answer will be the one that needs to be heard!

    Also note that all sides of the debate are RANDOMLY decided, so the debater may be arguing for a side he or she doesn't agree with. We wanted to keep this as neutral and unbiased as possible. NO HATE!

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  • lollipopsie _
    lollipopsie _ 11 hours ago

    But it's not about being an expert, it's about being average. I think that was the biggest jump of the video, from expecting people to get past the tutorial vs. expecting people to be incredible pros at that genre. Pros would have their downsides as well, but at least expect the to do what's at least a quarter of their job with an average amount of competence.

  • ShapedSky0
    ShapedSky0 yesterday

    You know I wish they did this for ign's Jurassic world evolution review. They let a bunch of fps COD heads and fortniters review a park building sim. And sadly in the end it got a 4.8 out of 10. A lower score than battlefront 2. They let someone who don't care or know the type of game. If mat had that evidence on his side this would have been WAY more open and cut.

  • Nick Morales
    Nick Morales yesterday

    Just came down to comment about that Zaibatsu reference. Gotta love pie thieves and crazy talk

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw 2 days ago

    I'm on Matpatts side with this one. I do not expect them to be gaming gods but I do at least expect a certain level from someone who is critiquing a game. Sources are important but I'm less concerned with story or gameplay leaks anymore.

  • st010356aasru
    st010356aasru 2 days ago

    Get good

  • João Teodoro Batista Reiss

    You got to far there. Both are right, a jornalist needs to know how to play and how to write, but we aren't talking about someone who lost a couple times to the first boss because it wasn't their genre, but someone who couldn't jump a obstacle in the tutorial! You don't need to be good at Cuphead to do this, you just need to know basic gaming, even omeone who the only game they ever played was Rock, Paper, Scissors and knew how to use a keyboard could do that, it's impossible a game reviewer couldn't
    Talking that way... It's very unlikable, but and if this was a prank?
    It's just a theory...

  • The Dragon Clan
    The Dragon Clan 3 days ago

    I do agree that covering many games in one week is important, and having to move a game to someone not quite as qualified to play the game will become necessary, I am part of a school News channel, this kind of thing happens, where someone who doesn't know too much about the story has to make one about it, but something important to remember is that just because the professional can't play it, doesn't mean that much, if the person who is an expert at a genre is unavailable, see if there is someone who plays those kind of games, not necessarily to be a pro, but I am a person who works very well at sandbox and survival games, one of the first games I played a lot was minecraft, but I still love to play games like tf2, I find RPGs incredible and fun, I think that running me through a roguelike is not the best, those kind of games infuriate me and I am not good at them, but just because someone else who does games like tf2 or final fantasy cannot cover games in the genre doesn't mean that you boot it to the guy who rarely plays those games, it would be best to put it to someone who knows a little about the genre, and the 1 minute 30 seconds is a little embarrassing, every game journalist should have at least a basic understanding of many genres, I don't mean to say they should be playing 2 hours a week on every genre of game they can, but at least understand the basics of a run-and-gun game, a roguelike, a fps, and a platformer, since these games are basic or similar to many different kinds of games being put out there, many roguelikes i have seen remind me of RPGs, many platformers are released, someone who plays a fps could do a reasonably good job at a battle royale, and run-and-gun games can help with many new titles, like cuphead and doom 2016, the genres I listed as examples are the basics that should be had as a skill set for a writer, I don't mean they can do each one perfectly, but at least understand the core mechanics of each, and you can cover way more genres than if you focus on one or two genres.

  • SepticZombie
    SepticZombie 3 days ago

    8:46 isnt that girl from Doki doki literature club?

  • Robert Wells
    Robert Wells 4 days ago

    Industry is dying due blatant violation of the trust and at time actually insulting their audiance.
    Solution: Carry on as normal, guys! Do what we always do because that's what's healthy for the industry!

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali 4 days ago

    Actually, many people do no commentary videos that tons of people watch.

  • Magda Olivas
    Magda Olivas 4 days ago

    They should git gud

  • Ash's Gaming Corner

    Geoff definitely won

  • Treyvor Oelke
    Treyvor Oelke 5 days ago

    Git gud

  • I GREY
    I GREY 5 days ago

    Geeeeettttt guuuuudddd!!!bicccchhhh!!!

  • DanTastic 123
    DanTastic 123 6 days ago+1


  • Sashy Bash
    Sashy Bash 7 days ago

    All I could think about throughout this whole debate was, the journalist couldn't even pass the tutorial. Which is literally hand holding you through the controls of the game. If they're not good at certain genres fine that's okay but every person that plays games especially when it's part of their job should be able to pass the tutorial section of the game without difficulty.

  • lostinspace 1600
    lostinspace 1600 7 days ago

    My name is jeff

  • julian broadhurst
    julian broadhurst 8 days ago


  • Anh Nguyen Phuong
    Anh Nguyen Phuong 9 days ago

    I'll say get good.

  • Jared Diamond
    Jared Diamond 9 days ago

    “Get brutal just like the Canadians who made cup head”
    Comes back with “or like the comments on your undertale video”