BATMAN 2021 UPDATES: New Batmobile Images, Paul Dano Interview, Plot Leaks & Filming Resuming Soon

  • Published on:  6/2/2020
  • BATMAN 2021 UPDATES: New Batmobile Images, Paul Dano Interview, Plot Leaks & Filming Resuming Soon. We break down the new Batmobile Concept Models, when filming could resume, plot leaks and more.


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    Batman Resumes Filming

    Ok so with the UK slowly starting to ease itself out of lockdown thanks to Dominic Cummings giving us the go ahead to do whatever we want the film industry is set to return throughout all parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Films and TV shows were put on hold due to the pandemic but things are slowly starting to get back to normal and according to a new report by the Guardian, filming can resume on a lot of projects in July.

    This is of course amazing news for fans of films and those that work in the industry as many are actually freelance and thus they’ve been struggling for the last couple of months due to being ineligible for financial support.

    However, things won’t be returning back to normal just yet and the British Film Commission has drawn up rules that include physical distancing, safety training and regular tests to make sure that all the staff can work in a safe environment.

    I think it’ll be a bit weird for actors who have to go from the makeup chair where they are closely worked on to then standing opposite someone in a scene and thus these measure have to be put in place to ensure safety.

    Though Warner Bros haven’t officially announced when filming is going to resume, the Guardian does state that they are keen to resume production on Fantastic Beasts and The Batman which are both due for release next year.

    An industry source at the Guardian named Jean BroDueTrustme told the paper “Many productions have to get up and running again in the next two months or they won’t get made this year as they rely on summer weather and conditions.”

    So from this it is likely that Warner Bros will want to initiate production as soon as they can next month. Obviously they have to fly their stars such as Jeffrey Wright over from the US and if the UK is actually enforcing it’s two week lockdown from the airport rules then that will mean that they will have to start moving them within the next two weeks in order to get them ready for July.

    I do think that it will be a July filming but more likely the end as sets have to once more be assembled and also filming permission has to be reapplied for and granted. We did start to see some out door sets being built just as things were shutting down and these once more will have to be put back up which, looks like will take a while…if I see that anywhere I’m stealing it by the way.

    I’ll give you a definite date once we have it but at the moment I would speculate that it will be mid to late July before everything fully resumes. Let’s just hope we don’t go back into lockdown or we could be seeing things much later.

    Batmobile Look

    Anyway we also have some more images and information on the Batmobile that help us piece together exactly how it will look. These come from concept model maker who has also worked on the Star Trek reboot, Tomorrowland, the Mission Impossible series and more.

    It really gives us a good look at the car after the officially released photos were hidden mainly in shadow and the dimly lit environment that it was housed in.

    Now the first thing that I want to draw attention to is the almost Battering ram like from of the vehicle. This really highlights to me how the car will be used as a weapon itself, rather than the things that are housed within.

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