• Published on:  3/27/2019
  • Today I am sharing how to make soft boiled eggs in the pressure cooker! Using my Power Pressure XL 6 quart electric pressure cooker I can cook up to 12 eggs soft boiled in 2 minutes flat. When you use only one cup of water it comes up to pressure super fast and the eggs steam in no time! This is a great way to serve soft boiled eggs to the whole family all at once or prep a bunch for a delicious bowl of hearty ramen topped with one of these beauties!

    We were making some ramen for dinner and we love it with a soft boiled egg. Using the pressure cooker is a great way to multitask in the kitchen. If you have the appliance, use it! Make everything you can in it! Save time and energy and get the job done quick. These eggs cook up super fast.

    I used the fish/vegetable setting on my cooker and set for the default low pressure time of 2 minutes. I added 1 cup of water to the vessel along with my eggs. I don't have a rack for the bottom of this particular pressure cooker, so I use a little dish for my eggs. You just don't want them on the bottom directly because they can cook wrong and burn.

    I baby sit the cooker because once the timer countdown is finished I immediately release the pressure and remove the eggs to come cold water. Then they are ready to go.

    If you like your soft boiled eggs a bit more done than mine do them for three minutes. Then you can peel them like a hard boiled egg. For the super soft version use a knife. and slice the top of the egg off then use a small spool and run it around the inside of the egg to separate it from the shell then it should slide right out!

    Easy as that! I grew up enjoying soft boiled eggs on toast when we were sick home from school. I remember my mom had a distinct fondness for them and ate them on a regular basis with lots of salt and pepper. These are great with toast or an avocado or by themselves or like we did on top of a bowl of ramen!

    I hope you give making soft boiled eggs in the pressure cooker a try sometime soon and I hope you love them!

    Happy Eating!

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