Loose Tooth - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  • Published on:  12/19/2018
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  • Johnnyboy Whiteboy
    Johnnyboy Whiteboy 8 months ago+2594

    “And that’s how I lost all that weight!”

  • Gabriel Barsch
    Gabriel Barsch 8 months ago+714

    you guys went tooth far

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez 8 months ago+354

    Hmm, my tooth seems to be loose
    buys plane ticket

  • Jet711
    Jet711 8 months ago+343

    0:44 this is my true form.

  • 6777 Productions
    6777 Productions 8 months ago+115

    Well, now I guess Santa Clause is going to have to change his name to "Crisp Kringle"

  • Marcelo Saunders
    Marcelo Saunders 8 months ago+928

    I didn't know Marvel was changing Ghost Rider's origin story

  • Kevin Barnes
    Kevin Barnes 8 months ago+66

    At least his tooth came out
    With his whole skeleton

  • Prehistoric Matt
    Prehistoric Matt 6 months ago+9

    Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.
    I dont think dental floss is legal on a plane.

  • Namaku Jiro
    Namaku Jiro 8 months ago+15

    IDK, this is too predictable for C&H...

    THE•INTROVERTED• OWL 8 months ago+37

    I still wish rapture rejects wasn't a battle royale tho.

  • Xxxtensioncordxx
    Xxxtensioncordxx 8 months ago+1269

    Hey, at least the tooth came out that’s all that matters.
    Even if it killed 200 people in the process

  • Cragnok -
    Cragnok - 8 months ago+19

    This is insanely accurate, The same thing happened to my uncle

  • Omar 256
    Omar 256 7 months ago+9

    I’m still waiting for a cyanide and happiness movie 🎥😐

  • Oscar OV
    Oscar OV 8 months ago+8

    Well at least he got his final wish.
    The tooth came out.

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 8 months ago+14

    Well in the end of the day the tooth came out and that’s all that matters

  • Joe Chang
    Joe Chang 8 months ago+1645

    So this is the orgin of Ghost Rider 0:55 , Neat.

  • RedFox90
    RedFox90 3 days ago

    I Thought This Was Family-Friendly

  • TheMagicat
    TheMagicat 7 months ago+3

    Did it just pull his face— out of his face?
    Spoiler alert

  • Jasmin Charles
    Jasmin Charles 6 months ago+2

    that moment in boy’s hands he finally lost his tooth! 💀😂

  • David Hall
    David Hall 7 months ago+2

    bones ripped out
    Welp, my boners gone.
    Flaming skull lands on kids head
    Hahaha and we're back in business!!