10 CREEPIEST Creatures In The World!

  • Published on:  5/29/2020
  • From deep sea horrors from a sci-fi movie to spooky furry critters hidden in trees, here are 10 of the creepiest creatures in the world…

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    10. Cthulhu Larva
    Cthulhu Larva, which are actually called Scotoplanes, Deep Sea Holothurian, or Sea Pigs, are a species of sea cucumber that live on the sea floors of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. They live at extreme depths of between 4 thousand and 16 thousand feet, where they sift through the mud in search of nutrients.

    9. Atlantic Wolf Fish
    Atlantic wolffish can be found across the North Atlantic Ocean where they live on the rocky seafloor… rarely moving until they detect their prey and pounce. They prefer colder waters, so are only usually seen at depths of up to 1,600 feet, and have developed some unique adaptations to survive in this environment.

    8. Tube Nosed Fruit Bat
    You tell me, adorable, or creepy?? Tube Nosed Fruit Bats are endemic to Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines… In 2010 researchers announced the discovery of 200 new species in the forests of Papua New Guinea. This one was one of their favorites because he looks like Yoda, he does.

    7. Trogloraptor Spider
    There are a number of creepy species of spiders around the world, but one of the most freakish is the recently discovered Trogloraptor Spider. They are native to the caves of southwestern Oregon, and were only first described in 2010… being only 1 of 3 new spider families to have been found in the past 30 years.

    6. Big Fin Squid
    The depths of the ocean are a mysterious place that remains one of the least explored places on earth. There are creatures that live down there that are unlike anything seen in shallower regions, and some of them are simply terrifying. The Big Fin Squid is just downright spooky! And the lighting of this video doesn’t help either!!

    5. Hairy Frogfish
    Also known as the Striated Frogfish, Hairy Frogfish are one of the creepiest species you'll find in shallow tropical waters around the world. They grow up to 9 inches long, have huge mouths that allow them to swallow prey their own size, and are able to change their color over a period of several weeks to camouflage in with their surroundings.

    4. Lobster Moth Caterpillar
    The adult forms of lobster moths aren’t particularly unusual or interesting in any way, but when it comes to their caterpillars it’s a whole different story. Native to Eurasia and northern Africa, they emerge from their eggs with twitchy long legs, and begin life by mimicking ants or spiders. Once they’ve eaten enough food, however, they shed their skin and develop a large head, humps along their bodies, an enlarged rear end, and long, thin claspers.

    3. Frilled Shark
    You probably dont want to be stuck in the water with a hungry shark of any kind, but there’s one that’s creepy for a completely different reason… the frilled shark. Looks a bit like a sea serpent doesn’t it?

    2. Spider Tailed Horned Viper
    If you’re not too fond of snakes, and hate the thought of spiders, then the Spider Tailed Horned Viper is going to be the absolute last creature you ever want to come face to face with. They are found in the desert of eastern Iran, and have developed an ingenious way to attract birds within striking distance.

    1. Aye Aye
    The Aye Aye is a species of lemur that’s native to Madagascar, and is one of the most unusual looking creatures in the world. They’re the largest nocturnal primate on earth, and have a specially adapted middle finger that grows to be much longer than the rest.